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This guide is complete bullshit. I have followed it word for word - EXACTLY - and it screws up EVERY time, at the same place:

After you've done this, you will be prompted with a Z:\>. Now, just write what you wanted to call your new DOSBox drive, which as I said above, we called C. So type in C: to set it as the new drive. Hopefully, you're all set! Now, it's time to run the game. You can remember I had a game called TESTDRIV in my OLDGAMES folder. So, I want DOSBox to go to that folder. So type in:


When I attempt to mount from CD, Dosbox tells me I'm still on Z drive and need to change to C.

When I try and mount from the C drive - at the same place in the istructions as above - I get illegal command.

Do not waste yout time trying to load a game using the useless instructions given here.

Thanks for nothing, idiot.

However, I have found instructions that a much simpler and DO work, from


Step 1: Create a folder on your hard drive that will serve as the DOSBox program's C drive. For this tutorial, we'll use the folder name "games" on the PC's C drive. This is where you will store games to be accessed by your DOSBox program.

Step 2: Put any games that you have downloaded into this new folder. Create separate folders for each of your games. For this tutorial, we'll say there is a folder called "chess" that contains a DOS-based chess game.

Step 3: Run your DOSBox program. Two windows will appear; minimize--but don't close--the DOSBox Status Window. When you see the Z:\ prompt in the main DOSBox window, type "mount c c:\games." With this command, you are telling the DOSBox program where your emulated C drive will be located.

Step 4: Type "c:" and press enter when you see the Z:\ prompt. Then type "cd chess." You should now see a prompt that says "c:\chess."

Step 5: Enter the name of the executable file that is required to run your game. You can find out which file this is by reading a "readme" file that comes with your game. Type in the name of that file, minus the .exe file extension, and hit enter. Your game will begin and you are ready to play.