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I need to create shortcuts to two old DOS programs, FAMILY and HBMS, running under DOSBox 0.73 on my Win-7 PC. I have successfully created a shortcut for FAMILY using the default .conf file. To create shortcuts for HBMS requires a modified .conf file. I have modified and saved it as c:\DosBoxCn\HBMS.conf.

The explenation for making shortcuts in "" is not clear on how to create and where to save such files. In the Short verson chapter it reads that the locaton of the item for this particular example should be:

"C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.72\dosbox.exe" -conf "C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.72\dosbox.conf" "C:\Games\Settlers 2\S2.exe" NB: the -conf command line option, which is specified in the line above, is optional, since it refers to the default config file. However, if you use a custom config file, then you will need to retain this line, suitably amended to refer to your custom .conf file.

The last sentence bothers me. How should it be amended? Is the "-conf" a comand that should be left unaltered?

I have tried to modify the line to: "C:\Program Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.73\dosbox.exe" -conf "C:DosBoxCn\HBMS.conf" "C:\HBMS\HBMS.exe"

When I try this shortcut it seems to still use the default file and opens the FAMILY program.

Any help will be much appreciated!

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