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just wanted to run a software; no simple description via an example; guess I won't make a donation; suggestion: Create a help for non-nerds.

Q: What is the picture in the dosbox www site in the title bar?

Dune 2 Q How do you change the size of the DosBox? I don't want to go full screen but I do want it a little bigger than it is.

IMGMOUNT's data is deprecated. There is a -u command, and it works. So you can unmount images. Please fix this. Thanks.

No it's not deprecated. The question is about changing images ingame, where unmounting is impossible.

Rmxr6q <a href="">zjxmgnoiomwv</a>, [url=]wgrtgwwagmym[/url], [link=]twmxftilljvd[/link],

Problem in DOSbox

I Can't type colon in DOSbox 0.71 please help my (I can't speak english wery well)

please read the readme of DOSBox. it has a special item dealing with that problem