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like '''MOUNT c:  //SERVER_NAME/DISK_J''' ?
like '''MOUNT c:  //SERVER_NAME/DISK_J''' ?
== Lighthouse the dark being, dosbox ==
Im very new at using dosbox and i cant get it to work. Ive been able to install Lighthouse in dosbox but i cant get it to run.
I know it works because it will let me play the game right after i install it, but when i exit it and try to get back on the game it wont let me run it. tell me if im doing this right.
i mount my harddrive z:\> c c:\
then i mount my cd drive z:\> d d:\ -t cdrom
then i chang the thing to c. z:\>c:
then i change directories c:\>cd oldgames\sierra\lightdos
its C:\oldgames\sierra\lightdos>
from here i should just be able to type in "light" and it should run right? thats what it said after i installed it to do.
but when i do that it says "This batch file is used automatically by LIGHTHOUSE. Please do not run it from the DOS command line." below that it says
"Illegal command: c:\sierra\lightdos\sier."
below that is "c:\oldgames\sierra>"
what am i doing wrong i cant figuer it out.
please email me at acer24xc@yahoo.com

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DEAR ALL: Could DOSBOX mount a network server disk?? like MOUNT c: //SERVER_NAME/DISK_J ? THANKS FOR REPLY!