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Screen Size

Is there any way to increase the phisical size of the Dos Box without changing the screen resilution. It is realy small at 4 X 6 inches with monitor at 1200 X 1080 resilution. This program works extremely well except for the box size.

Hey, check out the README.TXT that comes with DOSBOX - it has a FAQ section (or read it online here). You can press alt-enter to make DOSBOX take up your whole screen. Will that do what you want? You can also configure it to enter fullscreen mode by default and change some other settings - see the README and config files. --Culix 18:27, 3 January 2010 (UTC)

When I do an alt enter the Dos Box turns into a black box with no prompt. I can not figure how to kill the dead black box except to reboot Linux. I am running Debian lenny on a generic P4, 2.66 machine.