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I am trying to load Master of Orion. The download goes fine. The install for sound and periferrals ends in failed to ... then it says sucessfully done. The game will not load w/o this file completed correctly. The dma is only listed as dra. Is this the problem? How can I get this problem solved? I have an xps 410 series dell computer which has windows xp media center w/ all current updates as of two weeks ago. The video card is a new ATI 2600 series. hdi II

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upon opening DOSBox. Note the parameters in the BLASTER environment variable. There, note the port used (usually 220), IRQ (7 or 5), DMA (1) and sometimes another DMA (High DMA, usually 5, used for 16-bit output).

Try to reflect these settings in the sound setup of the game.