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This is not the current release

This was the first Open Source release of DOSBox! (next release)


  • added F3 to repeat the last typed command.
  • made it possible to change the shellmessages(dosshell). so you can costumize it.(dosbox.lang)
  • changed cpu core.
  • fixed a lot of errors with the keyboard: shift-f1 and alt-f1 now works.
  • fixed some division errors.
  • made a plugin system.
  • added a lot of real 386 mode instructions.
  • made it possible to resize the screen.
  • mayor source cleanup/reorganisation.
  • complete rewrite of the graphics routines. Should make it possible to implement more fancy things like 2xsai,interpolation.
  • changed the sound playback.
  • changed the vga drawing to only draw on memory changes, instead of drawing an entire frame.
  • fixes to the soundblaster/dma code should be able to play 4-bit adpcm compressed sounds.
  • added the correct time to dir.
  • bugfixes to batch-file handling.
  • lots of small bugfixes.(Dune1&2,Wolf3d, many more).
  • released the source.