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This is not the current release

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  • added support for command /C
  • fixed all fcb-write functions
  • fixed fcb-parseline
  • added debugger under linux/freebsd
  • added debugger memory breakpoints and autolog function (heavy debug)
  • added program that eats up memory (default 64kb)
    Usage  : loadfix [-option] [programname] [parameters]...
    Example: loadfix mm2      (Allocates 64kb and starts executable mm2)
             loadfix -32 mm2  (Allocates 32kb and starts executable mm2)
             loadfix -128     (Allocates 128kb)
             loadfix -f       (frees all previous allocated memory)
  • added echoing of characters for input function
  • added support for backspace for input function
  • added partial support for int10:01 set cursortype
  • fixed most of the problems/bugs with character input.
  • fixed allocationinfo call.(darksun series)
  • improved dos support for non-existant functions
  • Split screen support
  • prefix 66 67 support
  • rewrote timingscheme so 1000 hz timers don't cause problems anymore
  • update adlib emulation
  • fixed some isues with the mouse (double clicks and visible when it shouldn't be)
  • improved mouse behaviour (mickey/pixel rate) and detection routines.
  • basic ansi.sys support
  • Disney sound system emulation
  • rewrote upcase/lowcase functions so they work fine with gcc3.2
  • SHELL: added rename and delete
  • added support for command /C. Fixed crashes in the shell
  • fixed various bugs when exiting dosbox
  • fixed a bug in XMS
  • fixed a bug with the joystick when pressing a button
  • create nicer configfiles.
  • bios_disk function improved.
  • trapflag support
  • improved vertical retrace timing.
  • PIT Timer improvements and many bug fixes
  • Many many bug fixes to the DOS subsystem
  • Support for memory allocation strategy
  • rewrote cpu mainloop to act more like a real cpu