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Metal Rage
GAME Metal Rage Title.png
Title Screen
Developer Titus France SA
Publisher Titus France SA
Released 1996
Status Supported
Tested on 0.72
Tested game version 1.00.07
Links Compatibility List
Executable METAL.EXE
Installer N/A
Setup N/A
DOS Extender
Works with DOS32A N/A

Metal Rage: Defender of the Earth is a shooting game in which the player controls a tank inside city environments. The game is completely in 3D, and both an inside and an outside view are offered. The tank can carry multiple weapons (shells, missiles, mines, drones) which can be used against the various enemies like police cars, helicopters, assault tanks and turrets. It's also necessary to collect items and key cards that deactivate force fields. An innovative graphic productionfeaturing a brand new 3D Graphics Engine, Metal Rage combines the tense atmosphere of a tactical strategy simulation with the mindblowing thrill of top quality 3D shoot-em-up.


By the year 2030, the Earth has become so overpopulated that new planets have to be colonized in order for the human race to survive. All military forces are assigned to aid the settlement of the first pionners on the planet Aragonia. Soon after they leave Earth, it is attacked by Aliens intent on wiping out all humankind! The only Weapon available to Earth is a prototype high technology tank, the TK2003: code name METAL RAGE. As the only remaining military forces on the planet you are helped by the resistance who provide logistics and strategic support. By pirating the enemy computer network, they can also supply you with information and equipment drops. Utilize the different camera angles in your battle with the alien hordes.

Making it work

Can work in DOS, Windows 3.1x and Windows 95, for upper versions of Windows

you must use DOSBox.

Tested under dosbox 0.72 and windows xp sp3

To run this game with the CD-ROM you have to add this lines in the end of the Dosbox.conf:

mount c c:\GAME_FOLDER

mount d e:\ -t cdrom


Assuming that the cd-rom in your PC is in the e: drive.

Original DOS minimum configuration

Business Model = Commercial

Minimum CPU Class Required = 80486

Minimum OS Class Required = DOS 5.0

Minimum RAM Required = 4 MB

Media Type = CD-ROM

Minimum CD-ROM Drive Speed Required = 1X

Video Modes Supported = SuperVGA, VGA

Sound Devices Supported = Adlib, Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster 16, Sound Blaster Pro

Input Devices Supported = Joystick (Analog), Keyboard, Mouse

Extended command line parameters

In example you can type: " METAL /parameter " choose one of the parameters in the list below:

/SBAUTO : SB Auto detection (do not read BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 T5)

/NOSOUND : For not 100% compatible SB card

/NOSTEREO : Mono for... (like above)

/NOVESA : Screen in 16 colors


/NOFLI : No movie

/JOYSTICK : To use joystick

/ALL : All above switches

/IS : SB info

/IM : Memory info

/INFO : All info

Keyboard controls

ARROWS or NUMPAD = Moving the tank (forward, backward, turn left, turn right)

Q = Raise the turret

A = Center the turret

Z = Lower the turret

SPACEBAR or ENTER = Fire and confirmation

TAB = Target selection

1 = Machine gun

2 = Main gun

3 = Automatic seeking missiles

4 = Antitank mine

5 = Night vision drone

ALT or ALTGR = Camera out

CTRL = Camera in

F1 = Surrender with suicide

F2 = Return to main menu

F5 = Toggle sound on/off

F6 = Toggle music on/off

F11 = Change brightness

ESC = Exit to DOS

Levels password code

Level 1 - No password (this is the start level).

Level 2 - 395A

Level 3 - 8F31

Level 4 - E508

Level 5 - 3ADF (this is the last level).

Release details

Published by: Titus France SA

Developed by: Titus France SA

Country: France

Release Date: 1996

EAN-13: 3 417240 953305

Published by: Titus France SA

Developed by: Titus France SA

Distributed by: Sega Ozisoft Pty Ltd.

Country: Australia

Release Date: 1996

EAN-13: 9 312544 039882

EAN-13: 3 417240 953305

Published by: Titus France SA

Developed by: Titus France SA

Distributed by: Titus Ltd.

Country: United Kingdom

Release Date: 1996

EAN-13: 3 417240 953305


Technical Direction: Eric Zmiro

Artistic Direction: Eric Zmiro

Management: Eric Zmiro

Lead Programmer: Eric Zmiro

3D Engine: Eric Zmiro

Game Play & Game Design: Eric Zmiro

ASM Programmer: Laurent Duplessis

3D Tools: Laurent Duplessis

Sound Coding: Laurent Duplessis

SVGA Coding: Laurent Duplessis

All Additional Work: Laurent Duplessis

Graphic Leader: Francis Fournier

2D Textures: Francis Fournier

World Maker: Francis Fournier

3D Artists: Frédéric Lavignasse, Eric Delemer

Design: Frédéric Lavignasse, Eric Delemer

Audio Ambiances: J.M. Philibert

Sound Effects: J.M. Philibert

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