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  • Any tips about how to set FILES=200 and BUFFERS=30 ? Some MSDOS APPs need them.

DOSBox has FILES=127 and buffers=50 you can change those by either recompiling dosbox or by booting a disk image in DOSBox. however they should fire the programmer who ever coded the FILES=200 requirement.

  • At startup there's displayed the ugly SETBLASTER, SETULTRASOUND and SETULTRADIR variables. Is there a way to hide them?

Looks like the quick'n'dirty workaround is to put cls as the first line in [autoexec]! :) I'd still be happy to hear better suggestions.

No autoexec call when DOSBOX is run with parameters

When running DOSBOX with command line paramters (-c option), the AUTOEXEC section of the dosbox.conf file is not executed. Why? And how to fix it?

I run into the same issue when running executing dosbox from a command line by specifying its absolute location. That is, if I type C:\dosbox\dosbox.exe it doesn't run autoexec, but if I navigate to C:\dosbox\ and then run dosbox.exe from there, it runs autoexec. I have a workaround for this problem (batch file that changes the directory and then executes), but thought I should make a note of it.