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Thanks for creating this page, I was just initially curious since it hadn't existed, and couldn't easily create it. Also, I had wanted to mention the change that I originally implemented -- the horizontal Alphabet TOC/LinkList. --PidGin128 02:22, 18 July 2009 (UTC)


I'm attempting to get the page for MAX, also known as "Mechanized Assault & Exploration", but the link doesn't work in IE or Firefox, and seems to discard the '&' and everything after that. Should be easy to fix for an admin, just replace the '&' with "and". I can't seem to do it myself. -keeper3

  • I don't think the page had been created yet so you may have been seeing the default "this page does not exist" message. I created a page consisting of nothing but the title, see if you can see it now - GAMES:Mechanized_Assault_&_Exploration . --Culix 06:02, 1 January 2010 (UTC)
  • Actually, if this game is most commonly known as MAX (and based on a few Google searches and the talk of some revamp/conversion projects, it looks like it is) , then by the contribution guidelines the page should probably be renamed to that, as it's shorter. I have renamed it. Feel free to add info on getting it to run under DOSBOX! :) --Culix 19:22, 1 January 2010 (UTC)

AV-8b Harrier Assault

(The domark game) Runs on DOSBox 0.73 OK. The manual (essential) can be downloaded separately. I did not find it until I put the hyphen in the AV-8b for the search engine. There are two DOS versions of the game, the Super VGA version is the one to use for the slightly better graphics. The manual is the same for both versions.

I went in and out of the Dosbox configeration until I got it OK. The Joystick set up needs to use the old setting of timed=false so that it works in game and can be calibrated (I use a modern USB stick, rudder and throttle setup). The Cycles=Auto setting did not work for me as it ran too fast. I adjusted it until I was happy at Cycles=Fixed 15000. You can set it much higher but the Joystick will get more sensitive. I'm not sure how these "cycles" will work on other PC's

Mouse calibration in game is Control + M otherwise you may find your mouse creeping away on its own!

Anyone with some experience of this game in Dosbox please add any other findings that may be useful.