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Hey Hb, Ok I added an id field like you suggested to the InfoBox template. Just define it and the Compatibility DB link will point to the correct record, if left undefined the link will just take the user to the list. I would like to use the Wikipedia style conditional statements (like if defined, then print...) but after some research QBix found that it would require a certain add on or patch to the base Wiki software. I think works quite well, good idea!

D2X-XL instable, hard to install and a resource hog?


I am the D2X-XL maintainer. As far as I could see the comment about D2X-XL in the DOSBOX Descent article was made by you and stems from 2008. D2X-XL is updated pretty frequently and has undergone massive changes since then, particularly regarding memory requirements, installation and stability. You may want to re-evaluate it and maybe also talk with some D2X-XL users on My worklog might also be of interest here (; the articles "Texture Quality and Memory", "Installation Support" and "D2X Revolution" directly relate to the problems mentioned by you).


Dietfrid Mali