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This is not the current release

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  • fixed the errors/warnings in prefix_66.h and prefix_66_of.h (decimal too large becoming unsigned).
  • fixed compilation error on FreeBSD when #disable_joystick was defined
  • int10_writechar has been updated to move the cursor position.
  • changed the basedir routines to use the current working dir instead of argv[0]. This will fix and brake things :)
  • illegal command, now displays the command
  • wildcmp updated to be case insensitive
  • added fcb: open, close, findfirst, findnext
  • fixed rename in drive_local
  • added new features to the debugger: breakpoint support / data view / command line
  • partial support of list of lists (dos info block)
  • full emm 3.2 support
  • partial emm 4.0 support
  • fixes to graphics core fonts (text in sierra games is now correct)
  • improved support for user mousehandlers
  • fixed EGA graphics
  • fixed VGA graphics
  • fixed write with size 0
  • changed memory management
  • fixed and cleaned up the cpu flags
  • changed interrupt handler
  • speeded up the graphics
  • speeded up the cpu-core
  • changed dma
  • improved dma streams from emm memory
  • added some cga videomodes
  • added more funtions to the keyboard handler