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This is not the current release

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  • Fixed crash with keymapper (ctrl-f1) and output=surface.
  • Added unmounting.
  • Fixed multiple issues with drive labels.
  • Fixed most if not all FILES=XX problems.
  • Added redirection in the shell.
  • Fixed crashes with subst.
  • Fixed multiple crashes with the drive images support.
  • Added a missing fpu instruction.
  • Fixed some cpu and fpu instructions.
  • Fixed a small bug related to font loading.
  • Rewrote the devices support.
  • Added capslock/numlock checks on startup.
  • Fixed wave writing.
  • A few internal DOS fixes.
  • Timer fixes for the hybrid loader.
  • Some small soundblaster fixes.
  • The drive cache can now be cleared by a keycombo. (CTRL-F4)
  • A few keyboard fixes.
  • Compilation fixes on various platforms.
  • Quite some debugger improvements.
  • Fixed dir only showing files after the first run on cdrom drives.
  • Added some cdrom detection checks.
  • Enabled insert in the shell. (Easier editing of commands)
  • Changed order in which executables appear with tab-completion.
  • Fixed some issues with raw opl recording and using a slightly different format