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This is not the current release

(previous release) | (next release)


  • added support for a configclass/configfile
  • added support for writing out the configclass into a configfile
  • removed the language file and made it internal
  • added support for writing the language file (will override the internal one)
  • improved mousesupport
  • updated readme
  • support for screenshots
  • some cpu-bug fixes
  • dma changes
  • Real Sound support
  • EMM fixes and new functions
  • VGA fixes
  • new wildcompare
  • support for size and disktype at mount
  • added new debugger functionalities: start/trace into INTs, write processor status log, step over rep and loop instructions, breakpoint support without using INT 03 (heavy debugging switch)
  • added more cpu instructions and changed the string operations
  • added classes for most of the internal dos structures
  • rewrote most of the fcb calls to use normal dos calls