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This is not the current release

(previous release) | (next release)


  • Added blinking support in the shell and some color fixes.
  • Fixed commandline parsing when .bat files involved (fixes -exit)
  • Fixed issues with tabs in commandline not being processed correctly.
  • Cleaned/improved shutdown sequence.
  • Added some more bios functions (wait and delay functions).
  • Made our XMS driver conform the specs better. (c2woody)
  • Added support for some more ems functions.
  • Added intelligent mpu401 emulation. (Srecko)
  • Added soundblaster 16 emulation.
  • Rewrote GUS emulation to sound more authentic.
  • Improved pc speaker emulation.
  • Added an internal (programmable) mixer.
  • Added support a few soundblaster/adlib detection routines.
  • Fixed lot's of bugs related to DMA transfers.
  • Added interpolating prebuffering mixer routines.
  • Added recording of OPL commands and raw midi.
  • Fixed some bugs with the wave recording.
  • Changed sensitivity settings of the mouse.
  • Added ps2 mouse-emulation in bios interrupts (c2woody).
  • Fixed some bugs with mouse emulation limits.
  • Fixed a bug with an unterminated string in the drivelabel.
  • Changed file search routines a bit to be more compatible.
  • Added support for attribute-searching with fcb's.
  • Added basic SDA.
  • Added TPA and DIB.
  • Added Lot's of missing dos tables (c2woody).
  • Changed psp and dta functions to use dta.
  • Returned filename in ds:dx in create-random-file (c2woody).
  • Fixed a bug with date and time used on open files.
  • Some mscdex fixes.
  • Added the -version switch, which makes dosbox report its version.
  • Added a keymapper.
  • Added basic IPX emulation.
  • Added cdrom iso support and floppy images support.
  • Added the possibity to boot another dos version.
  • Added Serial passthrough support (win32 only).
  • Added the possibility to pause dosbox.
  • Changed OpenGL so that it is initialized only when used.
  • Make dosbox run at higher priority when active and lower when inactive.
  • Added direct draw output support (win32 only).
  • Added current running program to title bar.
  • Rewrote video emulation to support new scalers.
  • Added new graphics scalers like advmame3x,tv2x.
  • Added a support for a few anti-debugger tricks.
  • Improved the handling of the tab-key.
  • Improved support for the numeric keyboard.
  • Fixed a few cpu opcodes.
  • Added cpu core simple (for lowerend machines)
  • Fixed some nasty bugs in the dynamic cpu core.
  • Added a few (rarely used) fpu opcodes.
  • Fixed various issues with GCC 3.4.
  • Many internal timer improvements (PIT and PIC).
  • Added some more PIC commands (c2woody).
  • Added BCD counting to the timers.
  • Fix some vesa functions.
  • Add some basic support for 132x25 and 132x45 textmodes.
  • Improved Tandy emulation a lot.
  • Lowered cpu usage when dosbox is idle.
  • Allow virtualisation of some basic IO-ports (c2woody).