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CONFIG can be used to change or query various settings of DOSBox during runtime. It can save the current settings and language strings to disk.

Command line parameters

CONFIG -writeconf localfile
CONFIG -writelang localfile
CONFIG -securemode
CONFIG -set "section property=value"
CONFIG -get "section property"

-writeconf localfile
Write the current configuration settings to file. "localfile" is located on the local drive, not a mounted drive in DOSBox. The configuration file controls various settings of DOSBox: the amount of emulated memory, the emulated soundcards and many more things. It allows access to AUTOEXEC.BAT as well.
-writelang localfile
Write the current language settings to file. "localfile" is located on the local drive, not a mounted drive in DOSBox. The language file controls all visible output of the internal commands and the internal DOS.
Switches DOSBox to a more secure mode. In this mode the internal commands MOUNT, IMGMOUNT and BOOT won't work. It's not possible either to create a new configfile or languagefile in this mode. (Warning: you can only undo this mode by restarting DOSBox.)
-set "section property=value"
CONFIG will attempt to set the property to new value. Currently CONFIG can not report whether the command succeeded or not.
-get "section property"
The current value of the property is reported and stored in the environment variable %CONFIG%. This can be used to store the value when using batch files.

Both "-set" and "-get" work from batch files and can be used to set up your own preferences for each game.


1. To create a configfile in your current directory:

       config -writeconf dosbox.conf

2. To set the cpu cycles to 10000:

       config -set "cpu cycles=10000"

3. To turn ems memory emulation off:

       config -set "dos ems=off"

4. To check which cpu core is being used.

       config -get "cpu core"