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I've already transfered the Basic Setup and Installation of DosBox to this. With some URL rewriting and other tricks I managed to convert the old link to this one. So the old URL should redirect to new one once the thing is transfered. -Qbix

The old Wiki stuff can be found at:

Style of Wiki entries

Inline DOS Commands

When referring to a DOS command in the middle of a sentence use the '''DOS COMMAND''' syntax. This makes commands standout clearly without breaking the flow of a sentence.

Command Prompts

When typing in DOS commands use the following syntax (view source to see how to format text this way):

This is an example

Also be sure to type everything in UPPERCASE (this is consistent with the original documentation that came with MS-DOS as well as other DOS versions).

If the command produces output that is important for the reader to understand you can add line breaks, but you should include the prompt information as best as possible to clearly distinguish between what is types and what is produced. It would also be helpful to bold the text intended to type.

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Game and Application articles

Game and Software articles are intended to help a user understand how to execute and use programs that might not run in DOSBox easily. Information like how to complete a game or operate a program is not needed in this Wiki, and should instead be linked to other web sites if available. A Game or Application that runs without any issues or needs no special configuration is not an ideal candidate for an article. If you plan on adding an article on a Game or Application make sure to first check the lists for each, to see if it is already written.

Right now URLS for games should be preceded with GAMES: followed by a short clear (and if possible, commonly used) version of the game title. Links to that article can of course be as verbose as is reasonable. The value of including GAMES: in the URL is that when searching for a game in this Wiki, the article about the game will standout in the search results while articles that refer to that game will be clearer. As far as using the full title of the game as its article name, many games are referred to by shorter names like Ancient Domains of Mystery is referred to as ADOM in forum discussions. If the abbreviation is used in the article title while the Full title is in the article, a user can search for either and be directed to the correct article. Using the more common abbreviation makes linking to the article easier as well.

MediaWiki Information

This Wiki is powered by MediaWiki (the same engine that powers the Wikipedia project). Some features that are available in Wikipedia are not available here (like #IF and #ELSE commands) but for the most part, this Wiki follows the same syntax provides the same functionality that you can find in Wikipedia.