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Hi Sryx,

I hope this gets through. I've started to go through some of my old DOS games, and thought it would be fun to update the list on your site, and also the game articles.

On the top of the GAMES page, it says "Here is a list of every article for every game that is known to work or not work on DOSBox.", however in your introduction the this Wiki you say: "A Game or Application that runs without any issues or needs no special configuration is not an ideal candidate for an article". These two statements seems to be contradictory, and as a user of DOSBox and this wiki, an example of the minimum I would expect can be seen in my recently added article for GAMES:Descent.

What do you think? Would you rather not have the articles like seen in GAMES:Descent, or is it ok?



PS. I just noticed the games database on the main site... ( So now the question becomes: Why should it even be duplicated on the wiki?

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Hi again Sryx,

Thanks for your update. I'll continue trying out my games, and update the wiki and the database.

As for linking the two, could the wiki "Infobox" for a game include a field indicating the game-id in the database? For example, [Sim Ant] has id 237. Could the infobox include a field "id=237", which would automatically create this link? I'm rather new to these kind of wiki-templates, so maybe you could have a look? Alternatively, the link could be hard coded each time, in each article, however might fail if somebody decides to change the DB "comp_list.php" page.

When it comes to linking the other way, from the DB to the wiki, I guess a start is to include a comment in DB with a http link to the wiki article?



Hi again,

Cool, I just looked at the link. Works very well! Thanks!