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Wings of Glory - Origin (1994)
Tested By: Laner

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
90% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.74-3 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.70 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.65 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.63 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.58 (broken)

Voices and subtitles (2016-02-28 14:15) gregkl
The game runs great on 0.74, in my opinion it is fully supported and runs exactly like on my 486 DX100 back in 1996 - my CPU is i5 M480 + NVIDIA 310M (I remember that e.g. on Pentium 4 the game had problems with running smoothly). As said earlier, EMS=false and core=normal is required, and Sound Blaster 16 + Adlib with IRQ7 and the rest set to default works best for me.

I've just found a solution to enable both voices and subtitles! Run the game with sound and music, start any conversation at the aerodrome and during it press Ctrl+S (sound off), wait for subtitles to appear, then press Ctrl+S again - the sound will be enabled again, but the subtitles won't dissapear!
Run Well, but need alot of requirment (2013-09-11 14:25) Glitchologteam
I have bought the game at a flea market not too long ago. Everything was tested with a image of the CD imgmounted as D

to avoid game crash at the loading screen
- EMS = False
- core = normal

to have voice and sound in the game (such as the narrator and the game character)

Read the following thing that come from maxmoo, this thing really WORK

''I've got it working now, I selected Sound Blaster 16 - Wave Blaster in the Installation, and selected all default options *except for IRQ* which i set to 7 instead of 5 which is the default. Hope this helps.''

Loading can take a long time. With the CD Image, it can take between 5 and 30 seconds.
As Good As It Gets (2013-09-02 13:22) 40mdxer
The joystick works fine -needed calibration, first in XP, then in DOSBOX (been away from joysticks for too many years here). The mouse pointer drifts into the upper left corner of the screen when not in flight mode; reducing the mouse sensitivity did not help. All in all, WOG is definitely playable - I just love the non-flight audio by the pilots. WOG has to be one of the all-time greats!
MiniMax had my answer -Thanks! (2013-09-01 21:35) 40mdxer
[cpu] core=normal
[dos] ems=false

- got Wings of Glory running! Still have a problem though; joystick is not recognized. It 'does' work natively in XP so it's not the hardware. I 'need' that to fly!
AAARGH (2013-09-01 20:35) 40mdxer
It's my typing.
The error message showed 'PE EQUALS 1'
WOG wannabe here (2013-09-01 20:33) 40mdxer
I purchased this game when it was new - and still have everything (yep, it's been awhile). I recently installed DOSBOX 0.74 and set up WOG. Everything runs fine until it's time to load the first mission - game freezes and the DOSBOX window shows error 'Paging requested without PE-1'. Anybody know what this means?
@Cobra00SVT I was having the same problem as you (2013-06-26 01:05) maxmoo
I've got it working now, I selected Sound Blaster 16 - Wave Blaster in the Installation, and selected all default options *except for IRQ* which i set to 7 instead of 5 which is the default.

Hope this helps.
Need a little help (2011-10-11 16:25) Cobra00SVT
Greetings all, i just got dosbox for this game and this game alone but am having the same issues as noted before (no sound other than music), the changes listed such as ems/core and frameskip have kept me from having the failure message after i exit the game but i still have no sound effects, can anyone help me out please??
I LOVE this game (2011-03-08 03:50) porlino87
Please help!!! I'm having the same issues as others.

1) Yes Muic, No sound (voices etc)

2) Game gets stuck on loading screen

Anybody figure this out?
Sound Problem (2009-07-13 05:13) Breno
This is such a good game, I used to play it on our windows 3.1 until the cd drive died. For the past few years I've been tying to play it but with no success. I finaly got it to run on DosBox 7.0, but it doesn't matter what I do I can only get the music in the game to work. I can not hear voices or the engines. Can someone please help me?
Can't get past opening screen (2008-05-23 02:41) DukeSr1000
It looks like many of you have had the same problems I am currently having. I get it the opening screen, and then it crashes and I get the message...

Error #1910


I have changed the ems to false and the core to normal, which is how I got this far. Not sure where I need to go from here. I noted that a message said #1910 means a problem reading the cdrom, but I think it looks good. I would also like to get this running without the CD, but I am waiting to just get it running first. Any help will be appreciated.
to resurrect a thread (2008-03-06 15:23) mccdeuce
Best flight sim ever. Trying to get it to work. so far everything is good except for the voices and the subtitles. If you found a way to get this to work please update.
Dynanimc core is no-good in DOSBox 0.70 (2007-03-23 11:40) MiniMax
According to, the dynacmic core breaks Wings of Glory. Instead use core=normal (and remember to set ems=false).
Works for me (2007-01-31 11:03) TkSax
I have it working using hte Dos Box Game Laucher. IF you can get a copy of the ISO image of the CD I have everything working including the characters talking in between missions.
Sound Problem (2007-01-05 16:46) Fokker1918
So here's one for everyone to ponder:

I've just gotten this to actually run in 0.65 (after much tinkering) and yet even though the music works fine (either through SB16 or Waveblaster) the sound effects (voiceovers, conversations) do not play nor do the usual subtitles at the bottom. The strange thing is that the sound effect test in the configuration works fine (At ease captain, yadda yadda record for yourself) and it says it is saved to the config file. Then when I start the game there's no SFX. Anyone know how I can correct this or steer the game to remember the settings? So near, and yet so far! Mail me too if you know, many thanks!
Thanks for that one! (2006-11-25 18:49) Starbuss
I linked the .tre path wrong.
But now I have another problem - in 0.63 the game is running extremely slow (it doesn´t even start at 0.65)- it´s incredible laggy, I turned up to 2000000 cycles and frameskip 10, I turned the sound off, nothing helped - what to do now? ;)
Error 1910 (2006-11-05 19:29) ChrisReid
An Error 1910 means the game can't access the CD. You either have your CD-ROM mounted wrong or the .cfg file is pointing to the wrong place.
In 0.63 as well as in 0.65 (2006-10-08 06:40) Starbuss
Tried CD version, copied all .tre files.
If I start the Wg.exe, I get an error message:

Wings of Glory encountered an error from which it cannot recover.

Error #1910

Length =0
Mode =READ

What to do?
supported on 0.63, but broken on 0.65 (2006-05-19 06:04) pschuegi
Tried the CD version, copied the .TRE files as suggested, disabled EMS, works fine on 0.63, but on 0.65 (exactly the same configuration) don't even get beyond the startup screen....
Works, but be careful with the CD version (2005-07-10 14:31) Sirocco
If you want to run the CD version without having to use the CD, make sure you copy all of the .TRE files from the CD to your HD directory. If you don't, the game will crash while loading. Other than running somewhat choppy, it worked fine with 0.63
Wings of Glory supported (2005-03-20 17:35) brasshat
The game runs perfect with ems=false in DOSBox 0.63. The failure in the "load mission" is not really a failure. WoG always takes a long time to load, but at last it goes. I often enter Ctrl-F12 to speed up the process
still hangs (0.63) (2005-01-04 00:32) hydr0x
set ems=false

runs, but hangs on "load mission" screen
Note: (2003-08-05 18:04) Laner
Crashes to desktop. DOS Extender, more than likely.

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