Latest version: 0.74-3

 This shows a basic overview of the different systems emulated in DOSBox.

80286 98% 98% implemented   Some mysterious bugs left
80386 91% 91% implemented   Pagefaults not always working correctly and some missing protection on instructions
80387 95% 95% implemented   Emulating most opcodes now, using libc functions for math functions loses some accuracy (on non x86 hosts). On x86 hosts an asm core is used.
DEBUGGER 90% 90% implemented   Curses based debugger allowing some standard debugging features.
80386 with prefetch 91% 91% implemented   New! The regular 386 core, with prefetch emulation. Seems to work for all games that need it
TEXT 96% 96% implemented   Font displayed with 8 pixels instead of 9. ( see VGA (only) )
CGA 95% 95% implemented   Full CGA emulation in cga machine mode
HERC 95% 95% implemented   Hercules hardware emulation in hercules machine mode
EGA (part of VGA) 95% 95% implemented   Seems to work fine. For real EGA emulation use special EGA machine
VGA 96% 96% implemented   Seems to work fine
VESA/SVGA 80% 80% implemented   VBE 2.0 support with 8/15/16/32 color modes, Supports various chipsets for games predate the VESA standard
BIOS 92% 92% implemented   Supporting most vga bios functions, missing some obscure functions noone seems to use
TANDY 90% 90% implemented   Tandy video hardware emulation in tandy machine mode
PCjr 50% 50% implemented   New, but promissing.
VGA (only) 90% 90% implemented   New, supports 9 pixels fonts, palette changes during screen updates and other tricks
EGA 90% 90% implemented   New, seems to work fine. Supports IRQ 2 for games that need it.
ADLIB 96% 96% implemented   3 different emulation methods present. They are all accurate and some are quite fast
PC-SPEAKER 95% 95% implemented   High resolution subsampling for nice accuracy, supports REALSOUND
TANDY 85% 85% implemented   Accurate 3-voice and noise channel emulation. BIOS level emulation of the TANDY DAC
SBLASTER 85% 85% implemented   SB16 Compatible with OPL3 music. All types of dma transfered sound seem to work correctly
CMS 90% 90% implemented   Full support for Creative Music System/GameBlaster
DISNEY 92% 92% implemented   Full support for disney sound source and various clones.
GUS 90% 90% implemented   Accurate irq/timers and slighlty more precision than the original
PIT/TIMER 95% 95% implemented   Correct support for all timer modes
DMA 80% 80% implemented   8/16Bit DMA Channels working.
KEYBOARD 90% 90% implemented   Most keyboard function emulated. Keymapper present to map any key to any key
MOUSE 90% 90% implemented   Most common functions supported and graphical mouse cursor
JOYSTICK 80% 80% implemented   Support up to 2 joysticks. Emulate different type of joysticks.
MSCDEX 85% 85% implemented   Support for cd contents and audio cd playing. Most cdrom detection schemes
ISO 75% 75% implemented   Support for disk and cdrom images. Basic support for audio only images as well
IPX 80% 80% implemented   Support for ipx over udp emulation. Works fine with all games tested
SERIAL 80% 80% implemented   Support for passthrough support for the serialport. Allows programming of certain boards.
MODEM 80% 80% implemented   Modem emulation over tcp/ip (ip instead of telephonenumbers). Seems to work
FILES 93% 93% implemented   File handling routines implemented using directories as hard disks. Seems to work fine
EXEC 91% 91% implemented   Working fine
IOCTL 85% 85% implemented   Most operations with devices are going allright now. Controlchannels are working as well
MEM 88% 88% implemented   EMS,XMS, UMB memory support. (supports VCPI for origin games)
SHELL 70% 70% implemented   Missing some shell commands.
DPMI 80% 80% implemented   Disabled. As it's rarely needed.
KEYB 90% 90% implemented   Supports a lot of keyboard layouts and language tables.

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