Latest version: 0.74-2

DOSBox related links
  • Sourceforge - DOSBox project page, submit bugs and patches here.
  • VOGONS - Official DOSBox Forum, look here for solutions for your problems.
  • - Unofficial DOSBox Demo Compatibility List.
  • - CVS builds kindly provided by the people of AEP-Emulation.
  • Ancient DOS Games - Great game reviews made by Kris Asick using DOSBox.
Where to get DOS games
General Emulation links
PC/DOS/SB Emulation links
  • VDMSound - Great tool by Vlad R. that gives you Soundblaster emulation under Windows NT/2K/XP.
  • Bochs IA-32 Emulator - Bochs emulates a full x86 based pc. Unlike DOSBox that tries to mainly emulate dos programs.
  • DOSEMU - DOS Emulator for Linux, great tool to run just about any dos application under linux.

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