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Albion - Blue Byte (1996)
Tested By: Moofed

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
95% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.73 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
95% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.70 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
90% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.65 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
80% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.63 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
80% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.61 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.60 (broken)

Nice game, nice graphic, supported (2016-03-20 18:36) ge2001
Only the font is a little bit difficult to read and there is much text to read and a lot of mouseclicks at the beginning. Anyway, a fine game.
Create a Albion folder inside VirtualHD directory.
Copy all the game content into the Albion folder:


Program filename:

Setup filename:

Playtime until now: 20 Minutes
Win 7-64 Home Premium
Intel i5 M430, 4GB RAM
AMD Mobility RADEON HD 5000 Series (5650)
D-Fend and DOSBox 0.74

stuttering caused by keyboard? (2014-09-06 20:43) liquidkoshman
I have a problem when I move using keyboard in the overhead view. When I hold the same direction key for a few seconds the game stutters for a moment, I have to let go of the key, wait for a moment and then I can move again.
This happens all the time and seems to be better when I just press the key for a second, let go, press again and so on. It still happens in the FPS view, but is much less serious. Also it doesn't seem to happen when I use mouse for moving.
Any ideas?
Using v0.74 under Windows 8.1.
inverted sound (2014-07-30 01:50) flang
The problem with inverted sound effects (left sounds coming out of right speaker, etc.) is still present in DOSBox 0.74. It seems the only way to get around this for now is to use mono sound (sb1 or sb2 output). Hopefully a fix will be implemented eventually.
0.74 playable w/out scaler. (2011-09-01 20:25) Snow_Cat

The right eight pixels are not updated correctly when using ab-normal scalers, and will often display garbage or incorrect colour information.

Problem not apparent with 'Normal #×' scaling.

(As described here)
0.73 issues with legitimate copy (2009-09-14 19:49) HunterZ
Running from a CD image made from an original disc, I have the following minor issues in 0.73:

- sound configuration utility cannot be launched from the install program. You have to manually/directly run albiondriverssetsound.exe in order to configure sound hardware.

- stereo sounds are backwards for SBPro/SB16 (apparently a known issue with DOSBox and games that use HMI sound drivers).

- sound "hiccups"/squawks regularly during the opening movie and is noticeable in-game when ambient jungle sounds are being played continuously. Increasing buffer and prebuffer sizes eliminates the issue at the cost of latency, but doesn't detract from gameplay since it's turn-based.

The good news is that Albion works with DOSBox' level of Gravis Ultrasound emulation. The GUS music sounds better than the MT-32 or General MIDI music IMO (at least with the standard sound patches; the propats sound weird).
Getting past CD errors/etc (2008-11-20 05:23) Hkans
I think alebedz was close, but I had to do a little more. After lots of trying I finally got it. Here's what I did:

1 - download Albion from Abandonia. Delete everything but the cd folder.
2 - move the cd folder onto a secondary hard drive. I renamed the folder "albionCD"
3 - start dosbox. Type in "Mount c c:games" (or whatever folder you want). Then, type in "Mount d d:albionCD -t cdrom -usecd" (note: d: is my second hard drive and I renamed the cd folder albionCD)
4 - type in d:, then type in setup
5 - install the game on your dosbox c drive (which is actually c:games in my example)
6 - go through the sound setup, then launch the game from the c drive using main.

Hope this helps...
Sure runs but... (2007-09-27 14:13) Coronatus
The combat algorithms mess up on the emulator. Player characters are unable to hit their opponents and only produce misses with the exception of criticals.

So, this is Albion on super-hard mode at best.
Inverted digitised sound channels (2007-08-13 03:41) rollo
There's a strange problem running Albion in DosBox 0.71: left and right sample sound channels are inverted! You can experiment this just starting the game from beginning ang going up to the computer (emitts some noise..). When you move left from the sound source in the game, wrong speaker will fade out the sound!
I've set 'sbpro2' but it's the same with other sbs...

I wonder if it's a generic and more serius problem of DosBox now or just this game emulation...
Not enough memory on exec (2007-07-14 11:08) Crumpet
When I run main.exe on DosBox version 0.70, I get the message "not enough memory on exec" even though the DosBox config file has 32MB as the memory value for DosBox and Albion only requires 8MB. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Albion ingame problem (2007-01-19 15:37) Slick42

I had at first the same ingame problem with DB 0.65. The second time i try the seqence i asked Frill all of the three questions and every question posible in the submenue. Then it suddenly works without any changes.
Albion ingame problem (2006-12-09 11:23) Tarnak
ello everyone.I have ingame error/stuck.I play game/intro without problems up to asassination of council.I talk with Frill and end's up but after then I can't move,do anything.sounds plays gfx looks ok.I can move pointer etc but I can't move,do actions,menu.Somebody have similar problem??
I check this on DosBox 0.63 & 0.65 always the same.please help :(((
Nope... (2006-08-12 13:14) Coronatus
Sorry to say but while the game does launch with the hints and tips described here it is still unplayable. Combat mechanics are completely messed, characters are unable to hit foes while foes on the other hand got an almost 100% chance to land a critical hit.

Confirmed with DOSbox 0.65 and an Athlon 64 3000+ running Windows XP and Windows 2000. Unless you are completely hardcore don't try to play Albion for now.
Albion won't start from main menu (2006-02-16 20:28) jonnochan
Help needed to run this game

I have DosBOX 0.63 & D-fend installed on my Athlon 2700xp running Win XP
I used DosBOX to run the install.bat file within the CD folder to install the game in C dir (C:\ALBION), then I run the main.exe file (within the just installed ALBION folder)with DoxBOX & I can get to the main game menu. However when I tried the "continue" or "start new game" options the game crashes & says an error occurred, check error log, etc, etc.
BTW, I can only get past the no CD error by mounting the main game folder as a CDrom, otherwise it won't even load the main game menu (asking to insert CD instead)

Thanks & lots of appreciation for any help offered
CD working (2005-07-17 11:18) Miracle
With the update installed you have to edit setup.ini file and enter SOURCE_PATH= also with albion directory otherwise it won't recognize CD. For example SOURCE_PATH=D:\albion ..not just SOURCE_PATH=D:\ won't work even if you have mounted contents of albion directory in the root of D:.
Of course you have to mount Albion directory itself in D to recognize the path.
Then it works.
Update v1.38 to make CD recognition working (2005-05-02 02:37) the_FIST
-AGA-, try the official Blue Byte website:

I got the german Albion CD but i guess the patche also works for the english version.
Albion CD not working (2005-01-30 06:09) Tokaier
I found a patch that fixed the CD Problem

Hope it's allright to post that link...
How to get it working? (2005-01-17 09:49) lupylucke
Sorry, but does not works for me. I did everyting like germanny described in his post, the installation works fine, but when I try to start the game (main.exe), it complains it can't find the cd-rom )-:

Maybe I did not set correctly the -label parameter? The CD name is what win displays in the MyComputer window for the CD (or obtained with the 'volname' command under linux), isnt it?
runs good enough (2005-01-16 12:46) chrisky
Well, it runs but I´ve got no sound and it´s a little bit slow. I recommend to increase the cpu cycles but I didn´t find a value that makes the game run fast as in example on my pentium 3 machine (without dosbox).
create a virtually cd-drive (2004-12-05 04:08) germanny
Check out the original Albion CD-Name. Copy the whole content of the Albion cd in a new Dir.
Edit your dosbox.conf and add a virtual CDdrive to [autoexec] section:
mount C C:\
mount D F:\albicd -t cdrom -label thealbicdname
mount C /path
mount F /path/albicd -t cdrom -label thealbicdname
Start dosbox, cd to virtual Albion-CD and install albion from here.After install, start game w. 'main.exe' from installdir. If it wont run, try to set [cpu] core=dynamic , this is my setting and it runs great (give more cpu cycles!)
CD problem (2004-08-20 02:33) sheedee
Hi! I got albion with a PC magazine SCORE. I managed to use it's new windows installer to install it using WINE, then copied all the files into my dosbox directory. Now there are two directories with the game: /home/sheedee/dosbox/scorecd/albion and /home/sheedee/dosbox/scorecd/albioncd
From dosbox's point of view, it'd look like this:
c:/scorecd/albion + albioncd

The problem is, that even though everything is configured to work just fine, the program keeps shouting that there is no Albion CD. I know it can see the files in albioncd folder, but it seems to ignore them. Any help? I'm outta ideas ;)
game works without intro (2004-01-05 06:04) Violinator
you have to start the "main.exe" and the game will work (without intro)

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