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Wing Commander 3 - Origin (1994)
Tested By: marco.b

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
95% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.70 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
90% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.65 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
75% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.62 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
15% (runnable)
  DOSBox version: 0.61 (runnable)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.60 (broken)

Best DOSBOX.CONF Configuration for Slow Computers (2013-09-08 18:15) steff83
DOSBOX.CONF for Version 0.74

scaler=none (2x sai is nicest but needs more power)
cputype=auto ##(better than dynamic)##
cycles=auto 70% ##(good game speed (even the enemy ship explodes very close at you're own ship / cockpit) and no audio stutter in videos, for other games use only "auto" without 70%)##
prebuffer=10000 ##(standard=20)##
With this settings wc3 runs great on my very old maschine "Athlon XP 3200" OS = Windows XP. I have only a little bit framedrops in the automatic start sequence inside the TCS Victory.
Best configuration (2012-05-12 09:47) jazzmax
Dosbox 0.74



Can't Install (2010-10-07 13:13) ElitesamuraI26
It seems that dosbox can't detect my harddrive space and doesn't want to install please fix this problem.
For skipping video/sound (2010-01-13 21:12) prismra
Go into your DOSBox.conf file and set cycles=30000. The Auto or Max settings cause the stuttering issue.
Still stuttering sounds/videos with 0.73 (2009-05-30 21:20) Dominus
Everything else works fine ...

I guess there is no solution available?!
One more time... plug for WC's biggest fan site/resource (2007-09-07 12:33) floundericiousWA
If you have lingering problems with Wing Commander games, in particular... pop over to the Wing Commander CIC website ( There's an exhaustive collection of game guides and (on the web forum) at least one thread which provides excellent information on how to get Wing Commander games running in dosBOX! :-)
Problem with installation (2006-08-20 13:58) bartas1979
At the first I sorry for my english.

So, I have BIG problem with installation process. When I choose directory to save, I get this message:
"Could Not Create SaveGame Directory!"

Second is when I choose option "Copy directory and files to HDD". I get something this:
"ERROR: You do not have enought drive space to copy the files..."

Please, help me beacuse I don't have idea how repair this.
some bugs left in 0.65 (2006-04-09 04:47) Crazy Kong
Seems the game works in 0.65 at a good speed. You have to set ems=false and apply the wing commander 3 joystick patch. Alt-X to exit the game and calibrating the joystick in the game don't work.
Doesn't work well (2005-08-19 16:20) fisk
Doesn't work well at all... :/
Unable to exit Wing Commander 3 (2005-06-04 08:24) mattm
Hi All,

when I press Alt-X to exit the game it flashes on the screen and disappears so I can't exit the game. Any ideas on how to fix this?


How to apply the Wing Comander 3 Joystick patch (2005-06-04 08:22) mattm
Hi Guys,

how do you apply the wing commander 3 joystick patch?

problems with ems=false (2005-05-03 12:46) sinidrax
how do you set it to ems=false?
problems with GFSSAMPLE.IFF ? (2005-04-30 19:18) higgins
In order to avoid the message that a file GFSSAMPLE.IFF (or others) is missing, you must mount the CD-ROM as such. try "mount f: f:\ -t cdrom" .
Same problem (2005-04-07 21:59) Kaleph
I'm having the same problem here - GFSSAMPLE.IFF. I'm running dosbox 0.63 on linux. Anybody have a clue?
Kilrah's Problem (2005-04-02 11:48) igor05
I am getting the same problem as Kilrah, the install program runs fine with sound, and the game crashes when loading with an error stating that the GFSSAMPLE.IFF file could not be found.
Does anyone have a solution?
File not found (2005-02-25 04:51) kilrah
I’ve tried Trakkathrin-Kilrathina’s suggestion and it worked fine although without sound. I searched the net and found out about this SB16 emulator, the VDMSound. During the installation process (using VDMSound), all audio tests worked perfectly but when I tried to run the game an error message appeared. The message said something like, GFSAMPLE.IFF file couldn’t be found, in a directory (which I can’t remember now) that doesn’t exists in the CD nor in the installation directory at the hard-drive.
The message also said that it could be a CD problem, but that isn’t possible as I’ve tried the game with DOSBOX 0.63 and it plays with sound (with stuttering sound).

Does anyone know what can be done to solve this problem? I’m running it on Windows XP.


P.S. – Sorry for the bad English, it’s not my native languish. ;)
Workaround for doubled-up keys (2005-01-02 16:10) zorach
Running fullscreen (under X) seems to fix the keydoubling problem, but when you quit the game all the keypresses are echoed to the command line.
Jumpy joystick solution (2005-01-01 19:17) zorach
With 0.63, it seems to be much happier with the alternate joystick routines. Grab them from or if the joystick doesn't seem to behave.
:D (2004-12-04 03:41) shro_Om
cant believe i just played wc3
no stuttering sound but have to play on vga :D
v0.62 Works Near Perfectly Now (2004-09-30 12:14) teshia
I adjusted my cycles from 30000 to 20000 and the movies play nearly flawlessly now and the gameplay is smooth as silk. Gameplay gets smoother with higher cycles, but the sound starts to stutter. Nearly perfect though now.
Runs Better In 0.62 (2004-09-30 08:46) teshia
Runs significantly better in 0.62 - VESA mode works now so the game plays WAY smoother - can play in high detail mode now with some stutter which is a VAST improvement over 0.61 - video and speech still stutter, but not as much as in 0.61

On a P4-2800 with 512 megs, I'm using cycles=30000, sblaster=true, xms=true, and ems=false

Hope some or all of this helps - can't wait to see it in 0.63
WC 3 playable (2004-08-30 12:35) Saheike
Wing Commander 3 is playable very good with settings , if u make a linkup with wc3.exe to desktop and rightclick on it, go to properties and make the settings :
Memory- all settings to automatic
Screen- window
Program- excute in Windows2000 compatibilty

//^:^\\ Trakkathrin-Kilrathina
Not yet playable, but close! (2004-02-04 17:56) MiniMax
By MiniMax

With DOSBox 0.61 the game is somewhat runable. It needs ems=false, or it will complain with EMS driver is not VCPI complaint. during install.

Also, exiting from the installer, or from the game, results in a fatal DOSBox error, Exit to error: Page fault didn't correct table.. but all game settings seems to be saved on disk.

Things that makes the game un-playable

Problem with stuttering sound, both during video sequences, and dialogs (particular annoying!).

Problem with keyboard double'ing up on key presses. Occurs both in the DOS-based installer, where a menu entry can get "jumped", and in the main game (makes it hard to exit the game using Alt-X followed by "Y" for yes, since the Alt-X is doubled up).

Yep - crashes DOSBox (2004-01-23 11:54) MiniMax
I tried to fool the installer, by first installing WC3 directly on my PC, then replicating the installation directory and configuration directory in DOSBox. But it still crashes with:

Exit to error: CPU:66:GRP5:Illegal call 7

Now to try Bochs 2.1.
Note: (2003-10-28 07:52) marco.b
installation impossible->dosbox crashes

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