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Fantasy General - SSI (1996)
Tested By: phoenixTMW

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.72 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
64% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.61 (supported)

Sorry, slash info (2014-01-19 01:00) tmanmerlin
You have to double forward slash to get one slash to show up on this board
does the forward slash show on this board. (2014-01-19 01:00) tmanmerlin
Just testing

<- one slash \ <-two slashes

The extra slash for mounting the F drive to D, is after the "F:"
Fantasy general, addendums (2014-01-19 00:59) tmanmerlin
i guess you can't modify posts here. Not good for crazy typer like me.

1) For ths comand to mount your CD.

"MOUNT D F: -t cdrom"

It might be
"MOUNT D F: -t cdrom"

Notice the extra slash.

2) When i said go to your CD drive, I mean, in DOS go to the mounted drive. So in the example, F is my real drive in windows, D is the virtual drive in DOS. so go to D, to run install.bat

Fantasy general from CD rom (2014-01-19 00:55) tmanmerlin
Ran successfully with my origional CD. Mount your virtual c drive, per the instructions. Then monutn your computer cd or dvd drive that you will put the cd in.

like this "MOUNT D F: -t cdrom" (caps seem to be important !)

Then go to the cd drive ( D in this example)

Then run install.bat. Takes some time to install all the files. i went with the 60M version to get all the sound.

When done, follow the installer prompts for the sound card, SB 16 is the way to go.

Presto, the installer ends, dumps you back in the virtual drive.

Navigate to the installed ".EXE" file and run Fantasy General from your CD rom.
Crash to desktop (2013-06-17 02:10) acesman
I have had constant crashes to desktop (CTD) using a CD version and non-cd version of the game using dosbox 0.74. I have not tried earlier versions, but in regard to the instructions by Makiwaiba, what does step c mean, and how does one accomplish this?
Fantasy General CD (2012-09-29 19:26) Makiwaiba
Fantasy General CD works on DOSBox 0.74 on Windows XP, with fmv's (videos), music and sound effects.

a. Copy all contents of CD into a folder, then move this folder into your DOSBox-mounted folder (your mounted folder which you chose as your virtual C drive).

b. Create ISO image of CD. Copy this iso file to the same folder as well. Download a no-CD patch, and use it instead of original exe.

c. Create game profile of Fantasy General using same folder. Edit profile, target program file should be Barena.exe. Target setup file should be Setsound.exe. Don't forget to run this setup so that a proper sound driver can be chosen (eg. SoundBlaster).

c. Still editing profile, go to Drives section in left panel, add the created iso file as CD image (choose D or perhaps another letter of your choice as drive letter). Tick/put a check mark on "Additional automatically mount all available CDs". Run game.
Re: Fantasy General - music (2010-01-05 20:31) white
In reply to the previous post, Fantasy General is on a whole CD, music is recorded on audio tracks. To my best knowledge, the underdog is a rip (off), which means that the music. intro, etc. is removed which was the usual thing to do with that staff back then. The game (i mean the original CD version) is working flawlessly for me since dosbox v0.63, which reminds me to give my THANKS to the guys behind this GREAT software.
Fantasy General - music (2009-10-03 15:38) meraklin

I've managed to get Fantasy General running fine under DosBox (Underdogs download) and am really enjoying reliving childhood memories of pummelling various strange named enemies into the ground with 'superio'r strategy!"

However, one of the best things about the game was the fantastic soundtrack, and although I can get the sound effects to work through a standard SB setting and running the sound.bat setup for the game, I can't get the music to work (it is set at On in the game itself, but doesn't play).

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Many thanks in advance!

CD problems in Linux (2006-02-05 06:55) emperorlich
I tried running the game under Gentoo with v. 0.63 and it refuses to notice the CD drive no matter how I mount it (basic all the way through to aspi). w2k advice doesn't help much here. I can see if it will work under XP...
works perfecttly!!! (2004-05-19 21:47) Loki666
Use dFend, enable (for w2k) access to drive when mounting.
Then the cd copy-protection will successfully be found and u can save and reload games!
Sound works too for me...

nice fighting! ;-)
Does not work.... (2004-04-04 11:07) Godstar
tried to run it and it said I had to have a CD drive to work. Well, I do have a CD drive and the game shouldn't have needed to access the drive since it was installed. Might be some sort of protection system they had installed where you had to have drive. I tried setting the path but it didn't work.
Game works good! (2004-03-07 20:54) warmonger61
This game runs fine on 0.61,sound also works good but can't seem to load! (saves but will not load game??)
Note: (2004-02-06 18:57) phoenixTMW
I only started the game up and played for a while, but it seems perfectly workable. Caveat: I don't have sound.

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