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Turrican II - Rainbow Arts (1995)
Tested By: TT880

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
99% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.74-3 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
99% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.63 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
80% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.61 (supported)

The Sound in Turrican 2 The Final Fight now works! (2022-07-23 09:59) Alexis78
I only want to say thanks to TT880, I did that You say in the step number 4 and now Turrican 2 The Final Fight works flawlessly, with amazing sound.

Thanks again! I am using the DBGL frontend, I matched the Audio section there with the "Setup.exe" from Turrican 2. For DBGL Sound Blaster Pro 1 with 22/7/1 and the same in the "Setup.exe".

Brillant man!
Thank you!! (2020-05-10 15:44) Ryoga79
Thank you _Rob and Sharky, you saved my day :)
mostly empty menu (2019-02-10 15:00) _Rob
Just to highlight, if you get a mostly empty config menu when starting Turrian 2, make sure ENGLISH.LNG is located in the same directory as the Turrican executable. By default it is in the CFG directory, and you need to copy it one directory lower.
Made an error, can t edit post (if any mod can fix this thx) (2017-02-15 12:01) Sharky

@if exist turrican.cfg goto ok
@if not exist oversmpl off
@set t2dir=.
To get Turrican 2 working properly (2017-02-12 18:13) Sharky
You need these files:


then create "turrican.bat" with these 4 lines:

@if not exist turrican.cfg echo.>turrican.cfg
@if not exist oversmpl off
@set t2dir=.

then run "turrican.bat"

Configure SoundBlaster16 with a220 int7 dma5
Configure UltraSound with a240 int5 dma3


oversmpl off needs 3300 cycles
oversmpl on needs 10000 cycles

Follow the original note (2012-05-18 02:52) Citysim
Must rename the CFG folder to TURRICAN and the game runs flawlessly.
no sound here (2008-05-18 12:25) newmoron
i am using dosbox 0.72 on windows xp sp3.

i have followed the set t2dir=c:cfg from the above comments and configured the game for soundblaster pro and 220/7/3 and 22000hz samples.

the game starts up fine, i see them graphics but i have no sound except for some occasional very silent clicking or similar little static noise.

any hints on how to make the sound work? cheers.
scrambled graphics (2008-04-10 19:15) Banedon
Hi guys

I can't get this game to work. It always comes up with corrupted graphics. I have followed the advice posted above but to no avail. If anyone can help I'd be very grateful.
perfect with 0.70 (2007-05-16 05:50) v47
works great,but I had to rename the "cfg" folder to "turrican",unless I did that the game was unable to find the cfg files.if you dont have a folder "turrican" with two files in it (ENGLISH.LNG and TURRICAN.CFG) in yor main T2 folder,the game wont run! if you have it,just drag and drop t2.exe on dosbox.exe (default dosbox config works just fine),set the sound to "soundblaster" and you are ready to go.
Works perfectly! (2005-12-31 03:05) doomer
I had some problems with the game at first but here's what I did to make it work like a charm (Dosbox 0.63). First, use normal core, set the mixer settings to 44Khz, 4096 blocksize and 30 prebuffer. Then use sb16 and set oplrate to 44100. After that, set fulldouble to true so that you have double buffering and no screen tearing. Set the environment variable t2dir to point to the turrican\cfg dir - eg. set t2dir=c:\turrican\cfg. Run t2.exe and set up everything with the exception of the refresh config. Finally, don't forget to use 5500 cpu cycles or less. That's it, it will now work really smooth.
Working! (2005-04-10 02:46) Mr.Modem
I got help in a forum and got the game working. You don't have to send your config!!
Not working (2005-04-10 02:29) Mr.Modem
I can't get this game working. When the game starts I see a bunch of messed up letters and then the game hangs up. Can someone send a working config.
Close to perfect , yet... (with 0.63) (2004-12-06 05:46) Turrican
After level changes the game seems to crash every now and then: it's running extremely slow and does not respond to any input. This behaviour is not reproducible. In that case, you have to set down the CPU cycles to a minimum (hitting Ctrl+F11 all the time), at a certain point the game will "resurrect" itself (you will know it when you reach it) and then you can reset your CPU cycles to the original value and play.
It works every time, it is still quite annoying, though...
perfect with 0.62 (2004-10-02 14:00) Crazy Kong
If you use sb16 emulation you need to enter the high dma as dma. If you use the windows port of dosbox you need to set output=overlay.
Note: (2004-03-21 11:40) TT880
Here is what I did to make it run perfectly:

1. Place all the files into C:\TURRICAN
2. Make sure that you have a TURRICAN.CFG in C:\TURRICAN. Without it it will not run correctly! In the Hybrid release (f.ex. found on Home of the Underdogs) you can find it in the CFG\ folder.
3. Start it typing T2.EXE
4. Select "Soundblaster PRO" in the sound settings and match the IO/IRQ/DMA settings correctly, e.g. 220/7/3. The GUS driver is not working. Don't change the video settings as it will freeze.
5. Start the and play!

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