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Heroes of Might and Magic II - New World Computing (1997)
Tested By: Raddiux

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
60% (playable)
  DOSBox version: 0.74-3 (playable)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
60% (playable)
  DOSBox version: 0.72 (playable)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.70 (broken)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
60% (playable)
  DOSBox version: 0.61 (playable)

Another "Must Know" game, very good graphic - Supported (2016-03-25 14:32) ge2001
If you download "Heroes of Might and Magic II - The Succession Wars Deluxe Edition" from:
Copy the content of the zip file to your game folder and mount a CD image choosing this file from your game folder:

Another "Must Know" game, very good graphic - Supported (2016-03-24 12:35) ge2001
Full supported (CD-Rip), folder size ~ 58.3MByte

Create the game directory
Copy the complete game content to the game directory
Create a subfolder CD
Copy the complete game content also to this folder
Create a Profile
Start program: HEROES2.EXE
Setup program: INSTALL.EXE
Add a virtual CD-ROM drive
Mount the subfolder CD as the virtual CD-ROM folder
Execute setup
Execute game
If you get a black screen on startup press a key

Test period: Don't ask :-)
Win 7-64 Home Premium
Intel i5 M430, 4GB RAM
AMD Mobility RADEON HD 5000 Series (5650)
D-Fend and DOSBox 0.74
Requires cd? (2015-05-15 02:41) KhaozHydra
I was hoping to able to run Heroes2 without the cd like Heroes1 but do I need the cd? And how do I get it to run period says it can't run in dos mode whatever that means.
Requires CD (2012-12-02 14:02) scottish2

I have been messing with this all morning and driving me nuts.

I have the Heroes 2 CD in my cd drive (D) and I have mounted it and run the game but it keeps telling me to have the CD in to play the game but it is in the drive. I then read this thread and seems someone copied the files to their DOSBOX folder and was able to play but same thing no luck even finding it.

If this is suppose to be some Z: drive folder where do I find it as I just copied the files over to the C drives dosbox folder.

Also this game is supposedly dos and windows 95 game why does it keep saying it can't be run in dos mode???

for psp??? (2010-08-01 16:12) BiT666
i got heroes of might and magic 1 on my psp... and i saw on youtube a guy playing heroes of might and magic 2 on psp... so please... help me to put heroes of might and magic 2 on my psp!!!
(the guy mentioned that he uses dosbox for the game)
Price of Loyalty (2010-06-30 20:48) aldarsior
So I installed HOMM2 by copying the heroes2 directory off the CD to the dosbox folder, then I opened dosbox, mounted the CD (-t cdrom) and it worked great.
I tried installing the expansion pack by copying the heroes2 directory over the existing one, mounted both CDroms and it crashes when I try to open a new game. Does anyone have the expansion pack working?
New layer appear it goes slow (2010-05-25 20:48) Napostriouf
The game works almost perfectly even for the audio. The only problem is when a table layer appear (when you take item it goes slow as hell, i've tryed many thing without any success to counter this)
Oh yes! (2010-05-17 05:16) Counterstrike
Just type "cycles 50000" in DOSBOX, there's no need to set 50000 as your default setting.
0.74 - If you want a flawless game - - - (2010-05-17 05:15) Counterstrike
Try out these settings . . .

memsize=64 (This setting may not do anything, but try it anyway.)

cycles=fixed 50000 (This is the important one.)

This is a very demanding game relatively speaking. If you do not have at least 50000 for "cycles" then you will get slightly distorted music and choppy frames.

If you have an image file but you can't get the opera music working then you most likely have an ISO. You need to use a CUE and BIN image to get the "redbook" audio working (this also applies to all other classic games that has audio tracks).

Lastly, you will improve your performance if you use "imgmount" to mount the CUE file rather than to use a virtual drive. I get absolutely flawless gameplay in Heroes of Might and Magic II using these methods on 0.74!
Handset moto a1200 (0.70) (2009-01-06 05:56) willx
neither "imgmount" nor "mount -t cd" work .but I use a tool "fakecd" and "imgmount" make it work,but very slow.and the mouse thought the game work at 640x480,cannot click corret position.the game rewrite int10?
combiled file download from "".
Version 0.72 Notes (2008-06-01 04:22) Wasabijesus
The game would lock up after a minute until I changed the cycles setting from "auto" to "max".
Note: (2004-04-21 20:01) Raddiux
Runs fine. A bit slow, but playable. Could not get CD Audio working.

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