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Command & Conquer - Westwood Studios (1995)
Tested By: Striker

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.74-3 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.71 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.65 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
94% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.63 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
99% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.62 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
80% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.61 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
98% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.60 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.58 (broken)

v 0.74-2-3 works using RPi OS Buster (linux) 2nd ver (2021-03-04 06:13) dirtyrotten
Mar 4 2021
RPi 4B 8GB
Dosbox 0.74-2-3

C&C downloaded fr

unlike the version below, this is a full cd installation, with videos and all. the version below from a cz site is a small playable file without videos.

Upon running Dosbox, i run the imgmount as ff:

imgmount -t d DOSCNC_GDI.iso

which creates an CD-ROM drive like d:.
run setup, then when done configure the soundcard as
soundblaster 16/32

v 0.74-2-3 works using RPi OS Buster (linux) (2021-03-03 22:42) dirtyrotten
RPi 4B 8Gb, Mar 4 2021
C&C ver 1.1.22P (dl'd from ..i forgot)

FAILED using imgmount d xx.img -size...

DOSBOX mounts ok, is writeable, but fails to run with this err:

DOS/4GW Pro Protected Mode v1.97
err 2504:cant create swap file '.'
fatal err:1011. VMM init err

solution is to mount .img thru OS instead of Dosbox.

I mount xx.img file thru host os using
$sudo mount -t vfat -o loop,offset=32256,uid=1000,gid=1000 xx.img destdir

offset value is 63*512 = 32256
taken from fdisk -l xx.img's offset START

destdir is a directory mounted under DOSBOX init.

Works With 0.74 (2017-03-04 02:01) tooly111
Works perfect with 0.74. Installed perfectly and no sound or graphics issues.
These are some of the settings I used:



Works fine (2008-02-19 17:01) mjjw
I've made an ISO of my original CDs and am running "imgmount d: ~/C&C/GDI.iso -t iso" to mount the CD. Works just fine, with a similar command for the NOD cds. No problems with video, sound or networking.
Made it work with .iso (2008-01-05 09:57) lousygarua
I burned an .iso of my original CD and then made it work from dosbox. It only wanted a LABEL to the CD so the game is made happy - i.e. "mount d /mnt -t cdrom -label GDI" I guess the lable is NOD on the 2nd CD.
Made it work with original CD (2008-01-02 14:29) lousygarua
I just had to mount it with (Ubuntu 7.10):
"mount /media/cdrom -t cdrom -usecd 0 -ioctl"
and then it installed and played great.
type "intro cdrom" in DOSBOX and read it all and figure out the exact mount command for your system.
Works Great! ^.^ (2007-05-08 16:49) Nobu
Ran on Ubuntu (7.04) Linux on DOSBox 0.70 without a hitch. I mean the sounds were a little behind on the videos(About a quarter second or less... Hardly noticeable), and it did skip on the score screen slightly(Which I think is from reading the CD, not from DOSBox), but other than that it ran perfectly.

Hardware includes:

AMD Socket AM2 Sempron 3400+ Processor (I think it says 1.8 GHz on the scaling monitor, when it's fully utilized. Otherwise it's 1 GHz)
ZOGUS nVidia GeForce 7100 GS (128MB memory, 256 with shared)
512MB DDR2 Memory (One card[Therefore single channel, for now] & before shared memory)

Not a gaming computer yet, but pretty good for starting out. ^.^
Lan support is highly unlikely. (2005-12-12 03:26) Adam_MErz
Every time I click the network button it locks up.
Heres the error code that generates in the dosbox command window:

Illegal read from 100b0f60
Illegal write to 100b0f60
Illegal read from 1019c185
Illegal read from 1019c186
Illegal read from 100b0f60
Illegal write to 100b0f60
Illegal read from 1019c187
Illegal read from 1019c188
Illegal read from 100b0f60
Illegal write to 100b0f60
Illegal read from 1019c189
Illegal read from 1019c18a
Illegal read from 100b0f60
Illegal write to 100b0f60
Illegal read from 1019c18b
Illegal read from 1019c18c
Illegal read from 100b0f60
Illegal write to 100b0f60
Illegal read from 1019c18d
Illegal read from 1019c18e
Illegal read from 100b0f60
C&C 95 - Worldwide Warfare (2005-09-29 10:45) Colonel Carter
DOSbox tells me C&C95 is a Win95 executable, and won't run it. XP won't run it, and won't tell me why. I'm stuck in the narrow band between the two! Any advice?
LAN Support? (2005-09-26 06:44) HeavyLobster
Is LAN working for you?
Just wondering setting for... (2005-09-08 19:01) Jim-San
Well I've managed to get the game working on a 1.5Ghz P4 with 512mb ram with the original DOS CD, but I get alot of slow down when too many units on screen.
Just wondering what cycle rate would be recommended for running it some what well, best results I got were 9000 I think, or 6000.
Doing the right thing C&C will do the right thing (2005-08-25 13:09) holyhein
Twiddling around with sound and cd settings I found out C&C works fine with Dosbox 0.63. Until now I hadn´t any hangups. But the performance could be more direct. Sometimes video takes long seconds to load or there is a bit performance trouble. But compared to the "others" everything works fine!!
v0.63 works (with sound issues) (2005-03-31 13:50) Rohezal
I had no problems with starting the original German (1995, v 1.07) version of C&C. No need to mount an ISO. Installer also worked smoothly. Just some minor sound problems (short stopping / hanging of sound, crackling) as already reported. My settings: 17000 cycles, FAT HD and CD (remember: mount as CD-ROM!) mounted, everthing else are D-Fend (frontend for dosbox) defaults.

Now I'm gonna really play the first mission. ;)

@Joseph Collins: Did you set the cycles to something like 15000-17000? Perhaps your CPU is too slow?

Btw. did anybody who has more experience with dosboy than me try out the all different possible emulated sound cards? Perhaps sound no issues with some other card? I'm currently using sb16 (which is default ;) ).
Creep Along. . . (2005-03-27 12:45) Joseph Collins
The game has a habit of creeping along as a snail's pace whenever you have more than, say. . . FIVE UNITS ON THE SCREEN AT ANY GIVEN TIME. Seriously, if you have, say, twenty Minigunners running around at once, there's gonna be some seriously slowdown. I tried speeding up and slowing down the CPU Cycles, but that didn't help at all. I'm at a loss for what to do, frankly. Otherwise, it seems to work just fine, aside from the occasional music glitches and freak-outs.
V0.63 DOS4GW error (2005-03-09 10:45) doppelganger
I got the same error, but you can fix it by changing CPU Core to normal.
DOS4GW error (2005-03-02 16:00) sjamaan
I get a DOS4GW general page fault when I try to start the game.

Installation & setup work fine.

Same goes for Red Alert.
v0.63 Installer Now Working (2004-11-24 10:43) teshia
Installer now works and completely installs game.
Everything OK, bypass CD check with ISO (2004-10-25 01:17) oldtimer
Command & Conquer runs really well on my Athlon XP 2500+ (cycles 16000). Game, music, movies and all. Movies are slightly out of sync (sound is delayed a few tenths of a second) but I did not experience stuttering at all.

I could use the game installer without problem, however, the game itself would not run because it did not recognize the CD. In order to solve this, I dumped my original CDs and mounted the ISO images using IMGMOUNT (see README file). Works like a charm. No need for a crack!

I guess the same should work for Red Alert...
CD-Rip version works reasonably well (2004-10-21 02:09) Swiss_Cheeseman
I have the Windows version, however network doesn't work on WinXP, and it doesn't seem to have the DOS version, so I had to grab the DOS version off a file sharing network.

It works fine with all the regular settings, however starting or connecting to an IPX server makes it crash when you try to start an IPX game. Seems I'm never going to play this fucking game over a network on XP :/
works PERFECTLY for me (2004-10-01 15:56) gadget
Works for me with everything in sync: audio, video, etc, no frames dropped. Using cycles=17000 I can even get it to work smoothly with advmame3x scaler (the map looks then somewhat funny ;) ) ... it slows only if there are around 50 or more units (at game speed set to max)...

IMPORTANT: don't use double buffering together with scaling and ddraw or opengl filter - it slows down video emulation A LOT

I don't know anything about installation issues because I have the HD-installer version with C&C Gold Edition for W98 (it has windows-based installer, but the game itself doesn't work with XP... fortunately, there is also the old DOS version included here... eMule rulez :) )

(hardware config: Athlon XP 2600+, Gainward GF FX-5700, XP Pro)
v0.62 Works Better Now (2004-09-30 12:23) teshia
Scratch what I posted above. Works nearly perfect for me using cycles of 15000. The movies are still out of sync with the audio by about a full second and they very very slightly stutter every few seconds, but it's easily bearable.
v0.62 No Improvement, But Still Works (2004-09-30 08:54) teshia
No noticeable improvement in performance between 0.61 and 0.62, but still runs fairly well. Music, movies, and speech still stutter a bit. The installer still fails the same way, but as the person above me suggested, copy the \INSTALL directory on the CD into the game directory after the install fails and it'll work fine. Audio on movies (ie. people talking to you) is still slightly out of sync with the video stream as badly as it was in 0.61 - no improvement. Using a P4-2800 with 512 megs of RAM.
v0.61 instruction: (2004-09-12 03:04) The Preacher
The mistake most of you make is to mount the CD-ROM drive as HDD. You have to specify that it is a CD-ROM with the "-t" parameter. For example if your cdrom drive letter would be f an you would like to mount it as "D:" than "mount d f:\ -t cdrom".
The installation fails as it goes way to fast, but afterwards you can manually copy the missing files from the CD-ROM's "\install" dir to the selected installation dir on your HDD.
Then it works PERFECTLY, you only need a VERY fast CPU (3,4 GHz in my case, with 15000 Cycles).
Install problem (2004-09-08 08:26) PEMM
I have same problem than Guardian and i dont know how to get it work.
ok (2004-09-02 06:54) Guardian
i got the setup running, but it stops at 12% any hints?
existing install (2004-07-19 03:35) Guardian
and how do i get an existing install without being able to install it?
Install problem (2004-07-04 15:12) stfvon007
The game refused to install correctly, however mounting an existing install in dosbox allows the game to be playable.
non installation possible (2004-06-22 13:24) Guardian
same here "cant run setup.mix from cd-rom", but the cd is in drive D"

any suggestions?

pls advice
a (2004-04-22 08:34) bartware
right.. I got it working now.. but its realllllly slow.. I tried ctrl F12 and stuff but it keeps being slow.. what should I do?
nope... (2004-04-22 07:50) bartware
I have cd version 1.97... and it wont even run the installer. It says "cant run setup.mix from cd-rom", but the cd is in drive D. Odd.. can anyone help?
0.61 works but installation fails (2004-04-07 19:29) ripburger
Install fails on C&C CDROM version 1.07. But just run the install to setup the soundcard, then get a installation failed message. Then copy *.* from the 'install' folder on the cdrom to the directory you picked to install to. Make sure the CDROM is on the root (Or you get a warning about inserting the correct cdrom) and run C&C from that directory.

Played through the first 2 levels as GDI. Video voices are out of sync, but everything else runs well. P4-2.4ghz
v0.6 (2003-10-31 09:11) frip
Runs install if you dont touch the mouse, copies files to 25%ish then complains. I have the original cds so maybe the ripped version might get somewhere.
Note: (2003-04-03 09:26) Striker
Protected mode

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