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Top Gun: Fire at Will - Spectum Holobyte (1995)
Tested By: Cymro

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
90% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.73 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
50% (playable)
  DOSBox version: 0.63 (playable)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
40% (playable)
  DOSBox version: 0.62 (playable)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
28% (runnable)
  DOSBox version: 0.61 (runnable)

TOP GUN Fire at Will Install, set up and Play (2015-04-26 19:32) stevenhwood
TOP GUN Fire at Will Install, set up and Play
Sound, Music, Videos and Joystick all work great. Here is what I did.
1st you MUST have the CD Disc. (No downloaded files)
2Nd. Make an ISO file of the Game Disc. You will need to rename the ISO and remove the blank spaces. TOPGUN_D1 V1.2.iso
3rd. Create a folder on your C: and Name it DOS.
4th Copy the Top Gun Game ISOs to the DOS Folder for the Install.
5th. Install the Game,
Z:>Mount C C:DOS (ENTER)
Drive C is mounted as local directory c:dos
Z:>imgmount D C:DOSTOPGUN_D1V1.2.iso –t iso (ENTER)
D:>Install (ENTER)
Install s the game and creates the TOPGUN Folder C:DOSTOPGUN
C: >CD Topgun (ENTER)
Configure your Sound, Video and Joystick.
C:Topgun> Topgun (Enter) and enjoy.
6th. Copy the Game ISO disc into the TOPGUN folder.
Sound, Music, Videos and Joystick all work great (2014-11-02 16:26) stevenhwood
TOP GUN Fire at Will, Sound, Music, Videos and Joystick all work great. Here is what I did. 1st you MUST have the CD Disc. (No downloaded files, they are missing allot of game files) 2nd I use DBGL Dosbox Game Launcher v0.78 Front end Shell, You can download it free, I have over 100 Programs that load using it, including Windows 3.11, runs perfect . 3Rd Make an ISO file of the Game Disc and Install the Game, You will need to rename the ISO mainly to remove the blank spaces. After install is completed. 4th Copy the Game ISO disc into the TOPGUN folder. 5th DOSBOX .
Z:>Mount C “C:DOS” (ENTER) Dos is the folder location of my programs, yours might be different.
Z:>imgmount D “C:DOStopgunTOPGUN_D1V1.2.iso” –t iso (ENTER)
C:CDTopgunSetup (ENTER) Configure your Sound, Video and Joystick.
C:Topgun Topgun (Enter) and enjoy.
DBGL does a lot of this for you
Help! Top Gun Fire at Will (2014-03-01 09:30) Xneomorpheus
I have an Alienware X51 i7, gtx 760, 16gb memory, windows 8.1,

I Got a copy of this game and have modified it completely to how the original was... I noticed that all the copys of this game floating around different sites are all missing all the videos, sound, and music. I copied all the movies and sound back into the working download versions floating around and works a treat!

The only problem I have is when I start the main game loads to debriefing then push takeoff then I receive this message in dosbox: Cannot allocate 0 in topgunsourcesoundsound.c(352)

Its weird because Instant action loads up and plays fine. all the sounds and movies work.... the only other thing I have problem with is everything on keyboard controls work fine except the plane's movement, I push up down left right and it just kinda moves ever so slightly that it really doesn't move but you can tell it knows ur pressing the button.

any suggestions guys?
Top Gun Fire at Will (2013-06-17 14:41) slm2952
All the videos and sound play correctly for me running DOSBox 0.74 with XP Professional x32. My only issue is I cannot get my analog CH Pro Flightstick''s throttle to calibrate. I have to use the keyboard to operate the throttle and afterburner settings.
Music, Voiceover, and FMVs (2013-04-27 20:52) TheUnforgiving
The game runs fine on 0.74-1, but there's no music or speech from the other characters, and the full-motion videos aren't played. Which is a shame, because Merlin has some witty quotes, the FMVs are decent, and I quite enjoyed the cover of "Danger Zone" that's supposed to play on the main menu.

The lack of speech does pose a problem during the hops, the ones at Mirimar especially, because that's how you receive instruction and know that the mission has actually advanced. This wouldn't be as much of a problem if I still new the speeches by heart, but it's been too long since I've last played.

Can anyone propose a solution?
dosbox 0.74 crashes when a mission is started (2013-04-15 19:45) psychicebola
i use windows 7 ultimate and installed topgun using dosbox 0.74, i can start the game but when i start a mission dosbox gets an memory error and says "the code can't be displayed within this page". does anyone know how to fix this?
Works very fine on DOSBOX 0.74 (2011-08-15 17:55) skaxxo
...but you must change the topgun.ini lines


or whatever you mount the game from the shell
Works very fine on DOSBOX 0.70 (2007-05-28 04:31) combomember
The Version 0.70 Works fine everything but the sound don't work.
Playable on DOSBox 0.63 (2005-01-29 04:10) Klapauzius
Game is quite playable with DosBox 0.63 using dynamic core and about 40000 cycles on an A64. Dynamic core did NOT work with the regular DOS4GW extender, use DOS32a instead!
Game settings are all maxed out.
When there's a lot of action on the screen, the sound gets a bit a rough however. Reducing cycles does not help much with this...
GUS sound emulation works better than SB emulation on my machine.
Note: Oct 12, 2004 Version 0.62 (2004-10-12 09:06) cmmig
I can run it on my P4 2.53. The menus are working correctly. The actuall game is slow but playable (on a P4) with graphics details on low.
Note: (2004-09-19 08:02) Cymro
All the menues and movies work fine, but as soon as you acctually start the game, it gets really choppy and cuts out. This was after discovering the perfect clockspeed and frame rate.

Compatibility statistics (3882 games in database)
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DOSBox 0.74-3 (962) 41 (4.26%) 20 (2.08%) 36 (3.74%) 865 (89.92%)
DOSBox 0.73 (619) 14 (2.26%) 13 (2.10%) 13 (2.10%) 579 (93.54%)
DOSBox 0.72 (710) 41 (5.77%) 20 (2.82%) 28 (3.94%) 621 (87.46%)
DOSBox 0.71 (152) 28 (18.42%) 5 (3.29%) 7 (4.61%) 112 (73.68%)
DOSBox 0.70 (944) 21 (2.22%) 13 (1.38%) 30 (3.18%) 880 (93.22%)
DOSBox 0.65 (714) 35 (4.90%) 26 (3.64%) 39 (5.46%) 614 (85.99%)
DOSBox 0.63 (912) 75 (8.22%) 43 (4.71%) 45 (4.93%) 749 (82.13%)
DOSBox 0.62 (391) 54 (13.81%) 24 (6.14%) 27 (6.91%) 286 (73.15%)
DOSBox 0.61 (998) 87 (8.72%) 58 (5.81%) 68 (6.81%) 785 (78.66%)
DOSBox 0.60 (768) 109 (14.19%) 67 (8.72%) 72 (9.38%) 520 (67.71%)
DOSBox 0.58 (1141) 263 (23.05%) 14 (1.23%) 19 (1.67%) 845 (74.06%)

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