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X-Com 1/UFO: Enemy Unknown - Microprose (1994)
Tested By: Striker

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.70 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.65 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.63 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.62 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.61 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.60 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.58 (broken)

works on .74 (2011-08-29 13:30) Rappaman
Able to run on DOS Box .74. I have to slow down my computer to 6% to get it to run at a slightly choppy but playable speed. Now if only I could get Apocalypse to run consistently???
Win7: No internet connectivity after playing (2011-08-04 02:32) xaratherus
Picked up X-Com: UFO Defense through Gamestop, and it came running with DOSBox .72. The game itself is fine, although on larger mission maps the play gets choppy. Real problem is that after closing DOSBox, I can no longer get to the Internet; I have to reboot in order to restore connectivity.
FUBAR (2008-07-26 21:46) Sylvas
It runs, but some parts are really slow while others are too fast. Really wierd. Just gonna use the Windows version with the fan patch. No Gravis, but at least it's playable.
Freezing (2008-04-28 20:38) Burnout
when i start the game DosBox freezes. I tried all your suggestions but its still not working. Im using XP so it should be fine. i dont know what to do.
re previous instructions (2008-01-25 01:35) veschenko
my code snippets lost their formatting in the prior post :( but you can prolly figure it out. Thankyou for DOSBOX - it is definitely worth hitting the Donate button.
0.72 on Vista, it runs now DOSBOX for the win ! (2008-01-25 01:31) veschenko
In my prior comment, the blank screen is a known problem with the windows version on Vista . It will likely only be patched by some clever hacker.

I got a DOS version from and it works perfectly in DOSBOX after unpacking the zip except for no sound. Here is how to get the sound working in this version:

You need to execute sndstart.exe just before executing go.exe. Once, you will need to configure the sound using setup.exe. I used the default settings in my dosbox.conf:


Then, my autoexec at the end of dosbox.conf makes everything work:

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
mount g g:x-com

Broken for me (2008-01-16 05:02) veschenko
Running 0.72 on Vista. All I get is some intro music and blank video. Going to try some of the suggestions I see in previous posts.
IMPORTANT! v1.4 and sound issues. (2007-11-30 06:25) Neville
Floppy versions manually updated to v1.4 have corrupted sound. This is not DOSBox fault, but MicroProse's. Use v1.0, v1.2 or the v1.4 version shipped with CD-ROM instead.

If you downloaded the game elsewhere, make sure it's not v1.4 before complaining of sound issues.
vista (2007-11-26 18:36) Doogs
anyone have trouble running xcom 1 with vista and .72? i cant seem to get it running
new crash problem (2007-08-21 06:17) dude122
It worked fine for a few days, after i gave it permission to create new files, then i saved during a tactical battle, and the game crashes whenever i try to start it
macosx game freezing (2007-04-14 16:30) meodai
At first look the version 1.4 of the game seems to work. But it is freezing often in the tactical part. I have to restart dosbox and restart the game... Please help me i realy want to play this game on MACOSX! Thx
No sound (2007-03-06 11:06) p_nutter
My version of the game has a file called sndstart.exe in the sound directory - this needs to be run first or sound won't work. One of the batch files will run it first for you but the others won't.
Xcom versions (2006-12-10 09:38) Drengor
For those having trouble with 'win32' or 'won't run under DOS' messages... You've got the win32 port of xcom, not the original dos version (The collectors edition from 1998). The win32 version port was poorly done, and you are better off getting the dos version, which will run quite well under DosBox.
On GNU/Linux operating system (2006-03-27 03:15) yugiohjcj
On debian, the game works perfectly.
But little problem with the sound and the game is too slow.
I hope I can configure dosbox to correct this.
i have the same problem (2006-03-04 15:10) hiddenagent
i cant get into a land battle in this game what should i do
can't get to battlescape (2006-01-22 11:29) drvague
I have successfully started the game and all things work fine until I try to go into battle. It then locks up. What do I do?
hmm (2006-01-11 17:46) maximusz
mine claims that x-com cannot run through dos which is obviously wrong. odd. probably me.
:) man o man (2005-05-02 21:20) UgRaptor
well i have been useing dosbox now for a while and damn i love how it works :)i have been able to play all my favorite old pc games :) thx guys this is the best dos simulator that has been made :) thoug ufo runs kinda slow for me on the map even thoug its fine in missions .. dose anyone know why ??
Win 32 (2005-04-23 09:05) Bdogg_McCoy
I'm trying to run UFO Defense on Mac OS X but every time I try to run it it tells me that it must be run under Win 32. What does this mean and how do I fix it?
Emulating Dos (2005-03-17 15:27) Jandinga
First of all, thanks for making this dos emulator. I can finally play all my favorites like X-com, MOO, MOM, and other oldies but goodies. I just can't believe that it takes so much CPU power to emulate DOS! :-) But I guess it doesn't help when you throw in the sound and video card emulation. And a bit ironic that here we are in 2005 emulating software and hardware from 10 years. I wonder if in 10 more years we'll be emulating WinXP! Happy Gaming.
v0.63 Works (2005-02-01 07:55) hcebke
Works on 0.63 on Mac OS X. It's really slow, though (800 MHz G4).
Enemy Unknown (2004-10-26 05:55) maxtlion
Thanks to all for their efforts in making this classic game playable again in the age of XP. Could somebody point a non-technical person toward instructions on how to setup and use DosBox and this game - I have the original CD.
Thanks all,
No problems (2004-10-08 06:12) Essie
Works great, except that i always get shot by aliens. But that's my fault for running out of Time Units while i'm standing in their ufo :)
v0.62 Settings (2004-09-30 09:54) teshia
On a P4-2800 with 512 MB of RAM I'm using the following settings in my xcom.conf file and cutting out the unnecessary stuff:




The game will crash if you try and enable Gravis Ultrasound and run it that way. Run SETUP.EXE and choose Sound Blaster, then Adlib/Sound Blaster, then DMA 1. If you go with another DMA other than 1 you'll get music, but no sounds.
v0.62 Works Perfectly (2004-09-30 09:29) teshia
No problems running it in 0.62
Never mind (2004-08-19 10:19) M3X6
Dunno what I did..but I got it to work so..never mind that last post of mine..=)
Not working AT ALL!!! (2004-08-19 10:02) M3X6
Can someone put up their config file or email it to me, because I sure as hell can't get it to matter how many setting I've tried (and that's a lot)..unpacthed or patched (1.4) version..
All I see is blue/brown flickering on the upper half of the "screen"..the times it's not ALL black..

I have v0.61 of DOSBox and plz.
Update about sound settings (2004-02-08 09:29) Strife
Actually, it seems like sound fxs now work regardless of the sound settings :p, maybe it was fixed in DOSBox 0.61.
Runs perfect with full sound and music (2004-02-08 06:41) Strife
Thanks to jizang for the sound settings tip.
Indeed, set the Sound Blaster emulation to base=220, irq=10, and dma=1, it works!
If you set dma=3 sound effects will be disabled, I also recommend to play X-Com v1.2... do not install the 1.4 patch! the original sounds effects were replaced in that version, and they suck!

Have fun!
run xcom 100% perfect (2004-01-06 16:35) Daedalus
to solve all your sound problems and many more, simply download:
It works for me.
One hint:
if game crash when begining, with a message cannot find c:\foo\bar\blah\english.dat, you can fix it renaming your language.dat file into english.dat.

Have a lot of fun.
Playing with SFX and music (2004-01-02 05:09) jizang
My sblaster setting is base=220, irq=10, dma=1. And all sound fx works perfectly. try it.
no SFX (2003-10-29 03:05) JuniorXL
Mouse/KB locks up with DMA set to 1. Setting it to 3 fixed the problem, but i don't get any SFX just music, so i think setting the DMA to 3 is just avoiding the problem.
Figures (2003-10-26 10:01) ceciltyme
Strange, I don't have any mouse or sound problems with this game or X-Com 2. Figures, the moment I post something here as playable, everyone else has a problem with it. Sorry :)
DMA 3 setting (2003-10-26 03:58) Mahler
Changing DMA to 3 does not fix the mouse problem in my case.
lock up fix (2003-10-19 01:33) ramos289
Changing the Sound Blaster DMA to 3 fixed the lock up for me and sound works perfectly now.
mouse not working? (2003-10-17 05:09) Qbix
play in no sound mode. With sound it locks up
Just runable (2003-10-17 02:57) Mahler
The mouse does not work. The mouse cursor does not move. Version 0.60.
Now playable (2003-10-15 19:56) ceciltyme
The game seems to run perfect under version 0.60. All game modes appear to work (Geoscape and Battlescape). However without extended testing, I'm only willing to give it a 99% rating.
Note: (2003-04-03 10:11) Striker
Protected mode

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Game: Year:   Version:   Status: runnable - playable - supported
X Rock 1990   0.63   supported 80% (supported)
X-Com 1/UFO: Enemy Unknown 1994   0.70   supported 100% (supported)
X-Com 2: Terror From The Deep 1995   0.73   supported 100% (supported)
X-Com Apocalypse 1997   0.74-3   supported 100% (supported)
X-COM1 1994   0.74-3   supported 100% (supported)
X-Mas Lemmings '91 1991   0.73   supported 100% (supported)
X-Mas Lemmings '92 1992   0.72   supported 95% (supported)
X-Men 2: The Fall of The Mutants 1989   0.61   supported 100% (supported)
X-Men Children of the Atom 1997   0.74-3   supported 100% (supported)
X-Men: Madness in Murderworld 1989   0.74-3   supported 100% (supported)
X-Wing 1992   0.72   supported 100% (supported)
X-Wing CD-Rom 1994   0.73   supported 100% (supported)
Xargon 1993   0.74-3   supported 80% (supported)
Xatax 1992   0.70   supported 100% (supported)
xcom 1995   0.74-3   supported 100% (supported)
Xenoball 1995   0.63   supported 77% (supported)
Xenobots 1993   0.74-3   supported 80% (supported)
Xenocide 1989   0.63   supported 80% (supported)
Xenomorph 1990   0.63   supported 80% (supported)
Xenon 1988   0.58   supported 80% (supported)
Xenon 2 - Megablast 1989   0.73   supported 100% (supported)
Xenophage 1996   0.61   supported 90% (supported)
Xenopods 1993   0.63   supported 80% (supported)
Xerix 1992   0.74-3   supported 100% (supported)
XGS-DOS 1998   0.70   supported 100% (supported)
xiayingji 1992   0.62   supported 95% (supported)
Xiphos 1990   0.70   supported 91% (supported)
Xixit 1995   0.74-3   supported 80% (supported)
Xonix 1984   0.58   supported 100% (supported)
XQuest 2 1996   0.58   supported 80% (supported)
XTREE GOLD 1990   0.74-3   supported 100% (supported)
XTron 1991   0.63   supported 80% (supported)

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DOSBox 0.74-3 (1256) 16 (1.27%) 34 (2.71%) 48 (3.82%) 1158 (92.20%)
DOSBox 0.73 (644) 16 (2.48%) 23 (3.57%) 17 (2.64%) 588 (91.30%)
DOSBox 0.72 (722) 45 (6.23%) 24 (3.32%) 31 (4.29%) 622 (86.15%)
DOSBox 0.71 (164) 29 (17.68%) 12 (7.32%) 8 (4.88%) 115 (70.12%)
DOSBox 0.70 (952) 23 (2.42%) 17 (1.79%) 29 (3.05%) 883 (92.75%)
DOSBox 0.65 (727) 39 (5.36%) 30 (4.13%) 41 (5.64%) 617 (84.87%)
DOSBox 0.63 (918) 76 (8.28%) 45 (4.90%) 46 (5.01%) 751 (81.81%)
DOSBox 0.62 (394) 56 (14.21%) 24 (6.09%) 27 (6.85%) 287 (72.84%)
DOSBox 0.61 (998) 87 (8.72%) 59 (5.91%) 68 (6.81%) 784 (78.56%)
DOSBox 0.60 (774) 108 (13.95%) 73 (9.43%) 72 (9.30%) 521 (67.31%)
DOSBox 0.58 (1149) 266 (23.15%) 15 (1.31%) 20 (1.74%) 848 (73.80%)

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