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Mech Warrior 2: Mercenaries - Activision (1996)
Tested By: me262

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
85% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.74-3 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
10% (runnable)
  DOSBox version: 0.63 (runnable)

WORKING (2012-02-08 05:48) fluxrez
okay, I got everything to work INCLUDING launching missions, but I had ALL the issues listed here. Use a BIN/CUE file. MOUNT the CUE file NOT the bin file. If you mount the BIN file the missions won't launch, but you can go through the menus. Make sure you install the game from the DOS folder of the cdrom. "imgmount d c:cdsmercs2.cue -t iso". YAY!
figured it out halfway (2011-10-14 17:25) k-man12
i got the game to run up to a certain point... when i hit launch mission tho the game stops and sends me back to the dos box command prompt. i installed the game by opening the contents of the cd from my d-drive and clicking on the setup button directly.. which allowed me to install from windows but not play(i have win7). i then moved the folder that was created labeled mercs3d from the program section of the c drive to its own little seperate folder i then mounted the c drive in dos box using that folder and raN The game using mw2 shell
its really frustrating not being able to launch any of the missions... please help!
Dos Box wont run this game in dos (2011-10-06 18:20) Burly Shirley
Im not sure what Im doing wrong here. I have followed the instructions of both the Dos Box Wiki tutorial and the fulkren method, and both times dos box tells me this program cannot be run in dos mode. did anyone else come across this problem? if so how did you fix this?
Running under DosBox 0.73 (2010-01-23 15:08) baboo85
I follow all instruction of fulkren, it install and try to run but it doesn't work.

I type "mercs", the game try to start:

"MechWarrior 2 : Mercenaries
Copyright (C) 1996, Activision Studios [bla bla bla]..."

and it return "C:MERCS>" and won't start. I don't know why... Can you help me?

I try MechWarrior 1 and it work, so there's no problem between dosbox 0.73 and Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit...
These settings worked for me (2008-10-11 05:39) fulkren
I've found that the following settings make Mercs function completely using DOSBox v0.72 (I'm using the original game, not the platinum edition). First, you need to make a bin+cue image of the mercs disk. Other disk formats may work as well, but I'm sure that bin+cue works. Next, run up DOSBox and mount your dosbox folder. Use the -freesize command give it around 200-400 MB of space(example: mount C C:OLDGAMES -freesize 300). Then mount the mercs cue using the imgmount command with the -t option (example: imgmount D c:mercenaries.cue -t iso). You should now be able to install mercs to the hard drive and run it with full CD audio. You'll need a fairly modern system to run Mercs at higher resolutions without stuttering. I can do high rez and high graphics on my C2D E6600 - ATI Raedon 1950xtx rig, but an older P4 2.54ghz could only run it at 320x240 without stuttering.
Help For Kchaosfive (2008-08-10 17:23) Jeffyboy
The game works 100% The problem is with the CD and DosBox....

I used Alcohol 120# to make an image and loaded it and it worked 100% You cannot use the original CD in DosBox... it says no CD detected. For some reason an image works better. Use DEAMON tools.. There is probably some protection which DOsBox doesn't emulate, i used the same CD in my old PII 350Mhz and it worked fine back in 1998..

Hope that helps.. DOSBOX is the best out there, keep it that way...!!!!!!!!
Help!!! (2007-09-27 11:58) kchaosfive
I found my old mercenaries cd, and wanted to play it. So I installed in on my computer, and it wouldn't run. Then I found dosbox, and installed that, and I can't get the game to work, can someone help me figure out what I need to do. I don't really know that much about computers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
oh yeah,,, (2007-02-11 07:39) gwledig
you need to rename the file mech2.exe to mercs.exe (these two files seem designed for mech2 but work with mech warrior 2 anyway)
Found a fix for the CD not being detected (2007-02-11 07:19) gwledig
Found a fix for the CD not being detected remove the non-CD detection, just use the 2 files at:
NB this was done for Mechwarrior 2, but works for Mechwarrior 2 mercenaries also
half-working (2006-07-13 06:07) hydra
mount as C one of your local drives, mount as D image of mercs cd. Run d:\dos\install, install the game on C. After installation run game from c:\MERCS\mercs.exe.
Works for me but without sound :|
This game will run without a crack (2006-04-19 09:54) MassOCH
I have only tested with DB 0.65, but you can run this game without a crack.

Simply make a CD image of your original game CD, and then mount with:

imgmount d "mw2mercs.cue" -t iso

Then, on the CD (at least on my original game CD), I change to D:\DOS, run the installer to C:\MERCS, and I can run MERCS without CD protection issues.
Hrm (2005-01-02 20:27) Niarbeht
Try getting a crack for the game, that MIGHT clear up your problems with the CD check, I don't know.
- (2004-12-26 13:46) Starc
had a similar problem with a different game; did you mount the cd-rom with the parameter -t cdrom? e.g. mount d d:\ -t cdrom
Note: (2004-11-21 19:53) me262
Game installs via DOS mode, but reports "Error: MechWarrior2: Mercenaries CD-Rom not found." (IMAGE mode) (I believe that it may check an attribute on a file called "OLD_MERC.DRV".)
Running mercnet works until a game is hosted, giving a similar error. There are also palette errors when running it.

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