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Wing Commander 2 - Origin (1991)
Tested By: Sidoine

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.70 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.65 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
93% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.61 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
25% (runnable)
  DOSBox version: 0.60 (runnable)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.58 (broken)

Issues with speech (0.74) (2012-06-10 13:05) Scaled Lizard
Using sbpro2 as sound device also reduces problems for me.
Issues with speed (0.74) (2012-06-10 12:40) Scaled Lizard
I had frequent crashes when the game was playing speech files, so I disabled speech in the installer. This was most obvious in the intro ("Guards, you are dismissed") and at the end of mission 2 ("Cleared for landing"). Now it runs much more stable. In the release, the intro speech worked, but mission 2 still fails. As the release apparently lacks install.exe, edit wc2.cfg to read "v a904".
odd lag indeed (fixed) (2010-04-05 20:11) twotone8
figured it out. my problem was if i sped up my cycles beyond a certain point (5000 or so) my joystick would automatically drift to the right. all i had to do was change the 'timed' setting from 'true' to 'false'. then i could speed up my cycles and make the game run perfectly. currently running the thing on 12000 cycles. no lag.
odd lag indeed (2010-03-28 07:31) twotone8
i agree. the game works just fine until there are more than three or four ships in the area, then everything lags out. if i increase my cpu cycles that helps a bit, but then for some reason i just start uncontrollably flying around in circles. i hope someone figures this out.

it's a fantastic game.
Odd lag (2009-08-05 19:51) Deussu
I dare to say it's not 100% supported. I experience very odd lag whenever there are other objects in the view. What's up with that? I've tried every possible combination of the cpu cycles thing, but nothing seems to work. What on earth is causing this peculiar lag? It's as if I was playing Crysis on a not-so-top-notch computer!
loadfix (2008-08-04 19:42) Obviously
loadfix -10 worked for me. There's still some crash issues but they're few and far between. Also 4000 cycles will get the dogfights running smoothly.
Fan site with good tech feedback on running WC in dosBOX (2007-09-07 12:32) floundericiousWA
If you have lingering problems with Wing Commander games, in particular... pop over to the Wing Commander CIC website ( There's an exhaustive collection of game guides and (on the web forum) at least one thread which provides excellent information on how to get Wing Commander games running in dosBOX! :-)
freeze fix (2007-03-15 08:00) ukhazard
loadfix -10 reserves enough memory for speech, and also should get past the mission 2 crash.

wc2 2nd mission game freeze (2005-11-12 06:19) grendel59
I've tried everything and the game still freezes on the 2nd mission. tried loadfix, -32, -64. any suggestions would be really helpful
0.63 works fine! (2005-08-18 23:25) fisk
Works 100% with 0.63, all music and speech flawless.
speech and crashes (2005-07-19 16:55) akarabat
I've finished WC2 several times in the ol'days, and I can confirm that the speech works only in the intro cutscenes and during flight.

With dosbox, the game crashes also if paused and restored several times, and in any case is very unstable. It crashed in various situations, also in the middle of the second level (I use win 98, but I've played for hours other games with DOSBOX , ex. Rise of the dragon, w/out any problem).
To hear speech not truncated I must reduce memory size and exclude SB mixer.

Let's hope WC2 emulation will be improved....
I see (2005-06-29 21:44) MisterP
Well, that's odd. I've seen talk of a Speech Accessory Pack for WC2 which supposedly added speech to the game, and I was under the impression that the Deluxe Edition included this Speech Accessory Pack. Either the Deluxe Edition CD did not, or the Speech Pack only added speech to those parts of the game that are working. Well, thanks anyway.
Various Issues (2005-06-27 03:07) ChrisReid
"loadfix -32 WC2" fixes the second mission crashing for me. If you're having trouble installing and using one of the CD versions of the game, simply copy all the files to the hard drive and create a file called wc2.cfg in the main directory (not gamedat). You can put "v a904 c27" in the body of the .cfg file. When you go back and load the installation program, it will assume the game has already been installed, and then you are free to change the configuration settings. Wing Commander 2 had speech in only limited areas. The various intro cutscenes and in-flight communications were pretty much it. The vast majority of the game's cutscenes were only subtitled. If you have speech in the intro, your speech is working perfectly. Even though the game is on CD, you can see it's less than 30 megabytes, including the expansion packs. It would be physically impossible to stuff in all the audio to narrate the lengthy cutscenes between all of the ninety missions.
Speech Accessory Pack (2005-06-10 13:38) MisterP
I have WC2 Deluxe Edition and I cannot get the speech to work ingame during cutscenes, except at the intro. Inflight speech works fine, but anytime there is a cutscene it just shows subtitles. I know on my old 486 I had speech working, but I have no idea how I pulled it off. Can anybody help me?
Game does not run (2005-03-07 19:31) lopoetve
Got game installed using VDMSound, but the game will not run under dosbox. It gets through "using Expanded memory", but never makes it to "fully using expanded memory"

This one needs to move back to broken (At least, the CD deluxe edition).

Tried normal and dynamic core, 17000 cycles, etc.

The winstall program acts completely different between installing with VDMSound and Dosbox. There are serious issues hree
Uninstallable (2005-03-07 19:20) lopoetve
I'm having the same problem as someone above: The game will not install. You run winstall off of the disk, then it gives you drive listings, and a directory name. Selecting an install directory doesn't work, just creates odd things on the drive, and the game can't find the actual 'game', or so it says.
Loadfix helps, but kills sound (2005-02-25 13:36) Aulbath
The Loadfix works fine for me (both 32 Kb, and 64 Kb). Problem is now, the sound is gone. I am using Sb16 Emulation (BA:220, I:7, D:1 HD:5, OPL auto, OPL rate 44100), GUS is disabled, MIDI has MPU401 and Behavior checked and is set on default device, speaker & tandy, disney are disabled.

General sound settings are: Samplerate 22050, Blocksize 2048, Prebuffer 10

The evironment is set to 16 MB, with xms, ems, running at 7000 cycles (U500 / D20), normal core, no frameskip.

No alterations done to config.sys, autoexec.bat

Any way to get the sound back?
Thanks in advance!
2nd mission problem (2005-01-02 21:15) DanielBlue
For those who crash after the second mission if loadfix does not work try loadfix -32 It seems to work on my copy of WC 2 DE (deluxe edition cd) although I haven't tested it with the speech packs enabled
install (2004-11-14 16:39) kaz5209
can anyone please help me i can't get pass the install , i'm asked to enter a directory name and "Cam" is already writen and i can't delete it , if i chose hard drive d then the directory will be named "Dam"

pleasae help

Re: No text input? (2004-04-21 14:35) RJ Edwards
Unfortunately, sherl0k, I haven't gotten either of your problems. With & w/o loadfix, my sound works fine (stutters a little tho... fine tuning DosBox ought to fix that.) Haven't had a problem with inputting text either- can you still use keyboard commands in flight, or use the Esc button to skip cutscenes? I can't advise you except to try fiddling around with your other input devices and see if it "wakes up."
game crash: Mid-Mission 2 (2004-04-21 14:29) RJ Edwards
I've been having this same problem as well. I'm running the CD version of "WC2: Deluxe Edition" ('Deluxe' meaning it included the Add=On packs.) Using DosBox 0.61, the game crashes in the middle of the second mission, when the game attempt to bring up a cutscene in mid-mission. Loadfix has not helped. The error I get in DosBox says "Exit error: unhandled CPU opcode." Hope that sheds some more light on the subject.
No text input? (2004-04-19 20:29) sherl0k
I can't seem to create a new character because text can't be inputted. Anyone have a fix for this? Also, Loadfix disabled the sound. Is there a way around that too?
what loadfix? (2004-03-30 05:09) gL
I have the same problem that in the second mission the game crashes.
So what loadfix do you mean?
0.61, to fix crash in second mission (2004-03-11 11:21) Magamo
All one needs to do is simply run 'loadfix' once before launching the game, and the game will run flawlessly through the second mission. I will keep my eye out for any other bugs, though
Error in GP (GF?) 4 (2004-02-28 00:12) Scharmers
Game crashes in 2nd mission after killing last enemy.

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