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Mech Warrior 2 - Activision (1995)
Tested By: deluge01

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.74-3 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.65 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
90% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.63 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
90% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.62 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.61 (broken)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.58 (broken)

Version 0.74 is great! (2013-01-19 07:20) TabascoMaster
I've seen quite a few methods for installing mechwarrior and I have come up with the simplest so far. All you need is Daemon tools lite and imgburn and of course dosbox. You need to install from a scsi drive in Daemon and then make a cue & bin file with image burn using a dt drive. Once you've done that it pretty much works any where, and my pc is a 1.5ghz w/ 512mb ram.
Mini-Image (2008-10-17 01:42) noabody
It appears that the game will run using a mini-image around 14MB in size. First create a BIN/CUE image of the original CD then create an empty BIN/CUE with something like UltraISO. Copy the entire contents of the original CD or image to the new one. At the root of the CD remove every file except OLD_HERC.DRV, then delete the contents of every folder except KEATING and LAUNCH. Save the new file and rename/edit the first .CUE to match your new .BIN. The last part is important if the original CD had audio tracks. Worked great with MW2 and Ghost Bear's Legacy.
Thanks to all the great folks here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2007-08-10 10:28) ssurell
I love everyone here for contributing to this game, I'm getting my flight yolk joystick out again. God blessed, it's been a long time.

"Embrace Cowardace! Flee to DOSBox."
Awesome!! Works like a charm!!!_stock dos 1.1 (2007-08-10 10:24) ssurell
MechWarrior2 early dos 1.1 seems to work great with DOSBox .70

Used IsoBuster to image the .bin/.cue ISO files to my dos folder; then simply put the following command in the [autoexec] section of my Mech2.conf file:

imgmount d "C:\Dos\CD_IMG\MW2\MECH2_16B".cue -t iso
Found a fix for the CD not being detected (2007-02-11 07:18) gwledig
Found a fix for the CD not being detected remove the non-CD detection, just use the 2 files at:
works flawlessly (2006-08-25 14:06) bugger
Uhhm, you can't mount cue-sheets. Only iso-images.
Game will run with crack/imgmount. Use dynamic core and crank the cycles up to about 100k, and you'll get the speed you always wanted.
This game will work without a crack (2006-04-19 09:52) MassOCH
I have only tested with DB 0.65, but you can run this game (MW2 DOS 1.0 tested) without a crack.

Simply make a CD image of your original game CD, and then mount with:

imgmount "mw2dos.cue" -t iso
MW2 runs beautifully without DOSBox in XP (2005-10-18 09:35) bizychild
for all who think DOSBox is needed in WinXP, it runs much better without it. While this only works with the DOS version of MW2, detailed instructions can be found at to get it working just fine in Windows XP. I followed the instructions in the forum there and it ran great. The only problem I encountered was the game locking up when loading hte mission, but that dissapeared after I installed the no-cd cracked mech2.exe

The biggest reason to get it running in XP without DOSBox is the performance. It runs phenomonaly.
Finally got it to work (0.63) (2005-01-28 11:33) Bombliss
Had the same problem here with MW2 (V1.0/Dos) not recognizing the disc. After reading the post from user 'darkgamorck' in this board: I finally managed to launch the game! What fixed it for me was manually patching the game to V1.1 and then applying the crack. Instructions and crack may be obtained from that board. You should be able to find darkgamorck's post by searching for 'mechwarrior'.
Good luck, and enjoy :-)
No such luck? Easy solution! (2005-01-02 20:25) Niarbeht
Find a crack for your version of Mechwarrior 2, and it will work :-)
I had a crack at one point, lost it now, no idea where I found it.
No such luck here (2004-10-06 20:06) Sherm
I have one of the earliest versions of the game. It's not running for me. It tells me Error: Mechwarrior2 CD-ROM not found. I have tried mounting it as a cdrom drive and I have tried using -ioctl as well and no luck. Anyone have any ideas?
v0.62 Works But Could Be Better (2004-10-01 07:24) teshia
Works fine for me, but I'm using a P4-2800 with 512 MB RAM and it's a bit chunky at times on the 640 res, so I imagine it doesn't run well on slow machines.

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