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Blood - Monolith Productions (1997)
Tested By: zefo

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.74-3 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.73 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.72 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.71 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.70 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.65 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.63 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
60% (playable)
  DOSBox version: 0.62 (playable)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
60% (playable)
  DOSBox version: 0.61 (playable)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
50% (playable)
  DOSBox version: 0.60 (playable)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.58 (broken)

3Dfx tips (2017-10-01 16:12) Advocado007
In order to play the 3Dfx alpha version, you'll need:

1) Blood or Blood with the Plasma Pak installed. The Whole Unit One Blood version won't work.

2) The 3Dfx patch.

3) A build of DOSBox with 3Dfx support (obviously). Set RAM to 63.

Once you apply the 3Dfx patch, you'l get a 3DFX.EXE file in your Blood folder. Don't run it directly or you'll get wrong brightness values. Instead, creat a TXT file and type this:

set BUILD_640X480=1

Save it as a file with BAT extension and use it to launch the game.

4) Enjoy!
Runs Excellent (2012-05-18 02:55) Citysim
Excellent supports I can play it on the highest resolution (800x600) with the Highest quality audio on my 3.4ghz dual core PC
Make Blood Lag Less Pt. 3 (2010-09-24 21:45) AlienX99
P.S.S. I Played The Setting 320x200 (Default) On One Unit Whole Blood, Reply If There Is Any Differences Between The Original Blood Using That Setting. in english if it has any different effects on it like not lagging or anything reply a message to me on here
Make Blood Lag Less Pt. 2 (2010-09-24 21:40) AlienX99
P.S. The Game Can Lag Sometimes by bosses for example, the episode 3 boss that spits fire out lags the game some but not a major problem.
idk but it lags little on that
Make Blood lagging less (2010-09-24 21:37) AlienX99
To Make The Game Lag Barely, Go To Options, Then Video Options, Then Select 320x200 (Default)

0.73 runs great on 900MHz (2009-12-10 11:47) uldics
BLOOD runs great on Dosbox 0.73, eeepc 701 (4G). OS=Debian Squeeze (testing). When processor at default downclocked mode (630MHz), default Dosbox and default BLOOD settings, it hacks quite a lot, but when processor speeded up to 900MHz through FSB tweaking, then the speed is great , no glitches, no sound problems. But fullscreen can only be used once, after second time BLOOD hangs, DOS shows some fancy strings and hangs.
All I want for christmas- (2008-12-10 21:37) McDaisy
I wish to play Blood on 0.72 OS X. Cycles don't seem to go that high. Help?
wtf? (2008-02-07 23:43) argent
it runs great, but occasionally, it does crash

i may try loading a saved game again, but's it crashed randomly during the game, after a level's done and i go to the next one, when i tried loading a saved game it crashed...

would it be possible to find a way to fix the link in the game-emulator link?
DOSBox 0.72 (2008-02-06 14:18) filipetolhuizen
Runs great at 800x600, 1024x768 has some glitches. How do I get resolutions above 1024x768? outside DOSBox I can get up to 1600x1280.
DOSBox version: 0.72 (2008-01-17 00:17) unicron
Blood v1.11 + Plasma Pack v1.11.
Run in fullscreen resolution original 320x200.
Works great on my PC in game resolution set to 800x600. 1024x768 works bat as some problems on the bottom. Graphical glitches.
Blood works great in v.0.71 (2007-08-13 09:58) uncleboo
Using DosBos v0.71 and the final version of Blood.
Running on a AMD+5400 /AnsusMainboard/Gforce8500.
Everything is perfect, except the network play.
Have not tried network lan only game, but network over the internet seems to have problems with routers & firewalls.
If i'm in the DMZ, firewalls off, & running the ipxnet server. Ipxnet status shows me and client are connected. Two player game on my blood and the client blood. My Blood shows the second player connected, but the client blood does not show any players. I'd have thought DosBox would have opened the ports it needed.
Also noticed blood shaking in full screen at high resolutions. Setting it down to 1024x768 fixes that problem.
It works okay but..... (2007-04-28 03:06) Kazenji
Blood works good with the newer DosBox but as soon as i make it full screen and select an episode it gets an error.
Dosbox 0.65 -- warning: needs a powerful computer (2006-12-11 13:20) red_avatar
Blood has been running near perfectly on my PC (Conroe E6600) - you do need to turn up the cycles quite a lot (60000 at least). The new "auto" for the upcoming Dosbox version should help a great deal with this (or download a CVS version from the forums which already has this feature).
it works fine now... (2005-03-06 18:17) 4n0nym0u5
ok I've set my cpu clock cycle to 20000 (p4 2.4ghz) and cpu mode to 'dynamic' and my resolution to 320x200. the game is very playable and the sound abd music works fine (I still get bad lag in 'some' huge maps, and I get NASTY crashes after a while in the game (it's not the SB live! crashes,I've patched that)). but overall I am enjoying it VERY MUCH, and my best regards go out to the DosBox team (NICE JOB).
actually ignore previous comment.. (2004-10-16 06:55) xoopx
it runs a lot better in 62 with dynamic core set. low detail and 320x200 mode (in the game).
some flakeyness and random crashing .
i rated it 90% because (2003-11-18 12:20) xoopx
it runs completely fine as far as i can tell. the `lag` is just the huge cpu needed to run it in dosbox at a good framerate - you can tell this by using a powerful p.c and increasing the cycles.. the lagginess reduces. its a hardware, not an emulation issue.
Almost (2003-11-15 22:18) Comreak
It runs but it's quite laggy. Barely runnable.

Compatibility statistics (3930 games in database)
Version: Games broken: Games runnable: Games playable: Games supported:
DOSBox 0.74-3 (1256) 16 (1.27%) 34 (2.71%) 48 (3.82%) 1158 (92.20%)
DOSBox 0.73 (644) 16 (2.48%) 23 (3.57%) 17 (2.64%) 588 (91.30%)
DOSBox 0.72 (722) 45 (6.23%) 24 (3.32%) 31 (4.29%) 622 (86.15%)
DOSBox 0.71 (164) 29 (17.68%) 12 (7.32%) 8 (4.88%) 115 (70.12%)
DOSBox 0.70 (952) 23 (2.42%) 17 (1.79%) 29 (3.05%) 883 (92.75%)
DOSBox 0.65 (727) 39 (5.36%) 30 (4.13%) 41 (5.64%) 617 (84.87%)
DOSBox 0.63 (918) 76 (8.28%) 45 (4.90%) 46 (5.01%) 751 (81.81%)
DOSBox 0.62 (395) 56 (14.18%) 24 (6.08%) 27 (6.84%) 288 (72.91%)
DOSBox 0.61 (998) 87 (8.72%) 59 (5.91%) 68 (6.81%) 784 (78.56%)
DOSBox 0.60 (774) 108 (13.95%) 73 (9.43%) 72 (9.30%) 521 (67.31%)
DOSBox 0.58 (1149) 266 (23.15%) 15 (1.31%) 20 (1.74%) 848 (73.80%)

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