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Magic Carpet - Bullfrog (1994)
Tested By: Tamentis

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.74-3 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.72 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.70 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.65 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.63 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
95% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.60 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.58 (broken)

Solution to spell change crash (2015-05-18 08:06) user57823982
I've also discovered the crashes after changing the spells. I even realized that it keeps crashing after pressing some keys to often.

The solution was not to use the original Magic Carpet but the Magic Carpet Plus release which includes the Hidden Worlds Expansion.
You can find a version at the old-games website.
Re: Spells won't work for me or CPU characters. (2015-01-14 10:24) birkett83
I experienced the bug where you (and the enemies) stop being able to use spells. I tried the "keep the population down" solution a couple of people recommended, but it didn't work very well.

Instead, I got through the level by playing on low resolution mode - it seemed to make a big difference.
Re: Spells won't work for me or CPU characters. (2014-05-10 11:47) asdffdsa
Ok, the level 13 bug is back and far worse on level 35 (making it practically impossible to complete).

I found a solution, which is to increase the memory from 16mb (the default) to 64mb:


Not sure if this completely solves the issue or just postpones it for a long time, but I didn't see the problem again after making this change.

Incidentally, the Crater spell is very effective at wiping out large groups of archers.
Fixing the game speed (2014-05-05 11:09) asdffdsa
To those who couldn't get a decent speed, this seems to be a problem with cycles=auto (the default). In this mode the speed is erratic with constant spikes.

I was able to fix the speed issues using the following settings:

cycles=fixed 70000

Then press R during the game to switch to hi-res mode (until this is done it'll be crazy fast).
Re: Spells won't work for me or CPU characters. (2014-05-05 10:49) asdffdsa
I finally found a workaround for the level 13 issue. The archers are actually part of the problem. Basically the game appears to have a hard limit on the number of "things" (fireballs, archers, archers' arrows, etc) that can exist at a time. The problem is caused by the constant expansion of the villages. In level 13, the area of map that the villages can expand over is huge. I was able to avoid the bug and complete the level by keeping the population under control - this sadly involves getting Meteor then spending most of the time razing buildings and slaughtering archers and civilians, who multiply at an alarming rate. Basically if you see large amounts of blue or black dots on the map, be afraid.

Incidentally this is with the original cd, so it's not just
Re: Spells won't work for me or CPU characters. (2013-06-04 16:32) Xodetaetl
@Jamjarz: I've got this bug too with's version. If it's not the copy protection it looks like a memory issue.
Spells won't work for me or CPU characters. (2013-04-10 18:04) Jamjarz
This is a nasty bug that has appeared for me quite recently after I reached level 13. I get halfway through this level and all my spells stop working but I am free to fly around just fine. What's even weirder that I found on my 3rd try through this is that the other players stop firing their spells, all the enemy archers stop firing arrows and just stand in the stance ready to shoot. I also just discovered that enemies' fireballs that they had shot are standing on the ground as if frozen. After a few minutes, the fireballs disappear and everyone starts shooting again and my spells sometimes working again, but very laggy (clicks take forever to have effect). After a few seconds I go into spell freeze again. It is so frustrating because I'm so close to reaching equilibrium and I just can't do it with this interference.

I am running off of DOSBox 0.74. Is anyone else having this problem?
Re: Fix your spell/map quit bug! (2013-03-20 13:47) Captain Ford
Ehh...since I can't edit, I wanted to add to my last comment by mentioning that on current systems, an actual physical CD won't work anymore. I've verified this with my own original magic carpet cd.

Point being, the DMCA can go *bleep* itself.
Fix your spell/map quit bug! (2013-03-20 13:41) Captain Ford

That problem is actually caused by a primitive form of copy protection that occasionally checks to see if the CD is actually a physical CD when you switch to the map.

The solution is to add this option to the end of your mount command: -t cdrom

For an example, my mount command is:
mount d c:Dosboxcarpet -t cdrom

I've played 3 levels now without a crash. It feels so good to have this problem resolved. :)
Finally got it to work (2012-03-30 14:16) Epicje1
Right, so, I have an iso from the original, which I mounted as drive G in windows.
In the dosbox, I made sure to mount the G drive as D.

I figured that, because it's old dos and all, it 'expects' that you have your game folder on C: (doesn't matter which drive or folder you use) and the CD on D:
When doing it like that, it worked, no dos extenders or VSN.

As for the speed, it's impossible to put on a decent speed, but the closest (for me) was to press "r" (that changes it to 640x480), then drop the cycles to 25%.
NOTE: this worked better with dosbox 0.72 - 0.74 has weird spikes.
NOTE2: When there's a gazillion of skellingtons (like in world 5) you might find yourself unable to fire. Just increase the cycles for that bit and you're in the clear.

Happy carpeting!
speed (2011-11-18 18:28) melkor
the game speed is extremly high. as if everybody including me is traveling at the speed of light.
can i do something about that?
Look up! (2011-05-11 12:41) fuzza
Running 0.74 on OSX, with the endless spell change bug. Running with DOS32a and with no sound helps, but another data point - if you stop moving and look up at the sky, at least so no ground is visible, that also seems to reduce the occurrence (though not eliminate entirely).
Fix your spell/map quit bug! (2010-12-27 14:12) Krepsininkas
DOS extender called dos32a doens not solved this.
I think there are no so sollution for this or I do not see in this page.
Fix your spell/map quit bug! (2010-05-25 22:16) vinehair
Hi chaps, if you've got a version of the game that suffers the frequent, random quit when you swap to the map/spell screen, you can very tidily fix this by looking up a modern, open source DOS extender called dos32a, and using the tools in the package to replace the dos4gw extender that comes with the game. This clears the bug right up. Enjoy!
Magic Carpet Plus Speed Up Problem (2010-05-01 12:46) AlienX99
I Downloaded Magic Carpet Plus And Somehow It Speeds Up On The Cinematics But Not The Game? How Do I Get The Game At The Right Speed?
Sound problem (2009-10-04 19:30) Epicje
Anyone got a stable solution for the before mentioned "alt-q bug when swapping weapon" ?

I haven't found anything yet. Only found out that if you have the non-CD version, that it won't crash, but then it won't save your game either...

Bit weird, but lemme know if someone found out o/
ugh (2008-12-04 21:55) nicknackpaddywhack
i cannot get magic carpet to work past choosing your sound and it is very frustrating
No Bugs (2008-10-01 14:20) sonictrey
I can play it perfetly on my computer. All I need to do is run it in high-res mode, so it's not going super fast (In case you don't know, you can do this by pressing R in-game)
Buffer overflow (2008-03-08 17:14) theemadnes
Every time I try to save a game, it's crashing out to dos on me.

i'm running most things auto, 16mb xms, sb2.

anyone seeing similar behavior?
Any suggestions? (2007-12-27 09:15) CraigM
OK, I have MC running, but am getting the "Quit to DOS" feature regularly.

Intel P4 CPU @ 2.0 GHz, 1.0 GB RAM
Win XP SP2
DOSBox ver 0.72
config -set "dos emm=off"

I copied my MC CD to c:carpet and

mount c c:carpet

I change dir to c and run carpet.exe

Sound = soundblaster 16
Music = soundblaster 16 fm
A220 I7 D1 Music I/O: 388

CPU cycles set to 50%

Game runs fine up to the point where I'm switching between spells and map and suddenly --- it's just like hitting "Ctrl Q".

Any suggestions?

TIA, -Craig-
Magic Carpet Multiplayer (2007-05-17 23:38) miscreant
Works. Needs Netbios though (and IPXNET - edit the DOSBOX.cfg file). Also needs to start with 'carpet.exe -network'.

I created a batch file carpet.bat like this (ignore anything in brackets)

@echo off
ipxnet connect 192.168.0.??? (server to connect to)
ipxnet startserver (in case it doesnt start a server)
c:\novell\nios\netbios.exe (wherever you put netbios)
carpet.exe -network
problem with sound (2005-12-06 16:05) mordekäi
I can make it run with sound blaster original or compatible, but each 2 seconds the sound dissapear for a while (0.3 seconds approx.) and then comes back. I don't know why it's happening that. Probably it has an easy solution but I can't find it.

Thank you for your help.
:-) SOLUTION :-) (2005-11-17 07:34) Danillo
Hi mates,
to solve the spell change problem, I downloaded Magic Carpet Plus ( CD-Rip version) from .
In contrast to the orginal game ( I have the orginal CD ), there is NO spell change bug. Perhaps the author modified it.

Nice to play Magic Carpet after years again. On a Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz it is working fine ( even fast enough ) in DosBox.

If anyone profited of my comment, please tell me.
Running & Playing Magic Carpet (2005-09-16 13:53) Tiit_Helimut
I've found that the easiest way to install and run Magic Carpet is to copy the contents to your HD, as the game wont need the CD this way then just run DOSBox and mount the folder containing Magic Carpet and run it from there. It works 100% (including saving + loading) for me but I have to increase CPU cycles each time to get the right speed. You can tell the right speed, as when you go too fast the music and sound will play distorted. The game also runs faster from the HD than from a CD.

Also don't forget to run the "carpet.exe" file in the "carpet" folder and not the one in the base directory.
Investigating the crashes (2005-06-12 07:17) GHarris
It mostly works fine but crashes almost every time when changing between the map/spell screen and the main view, or when changing spells. I've tested Magic Carpet on my old Pentium 75 at home and it doesn't have this crashing problem at all. Interestingly, it also crashes the same way if I run Magic Carpet outside of DOSBox (just at a win xp command prompt), with no sound. It runs at lightspeed of course but crashes in the same way.

The only thing I can think of is that with my Pentium 75 at home, there's an intro movie as the game starts saying the game is optimised for pentiums, but this movie is not present with DOSBox or when running it in Win XP at the command prompt.
CRASH (2005-03-03 09:25) mitchdbx
I can't seem to get Magic Carpet 1 to run stable. Everything loads fine, and then sometime in the first level it crashes.... usually on a wepon switch. I have tried various different config set-ups, and nothing seems to work. Is there anyone that has a suggestion?
speed problems? (2005-02-02 05:47) rickyhaggett
I've got it running okay (without sound at the moment) under db0.63 through the D-fens-v2 fe, but the speed is awful. Tried adjusting all of the various options, put the cpu cycles up to 20k, changed the rendering, but nothing really seems to help. Running a 2.26Ghz machine with a GEForce-4700Ti, so hardware isn't the issue. Anyone know how to get the speed up?
Not fully compatible under 0.63 (2005-01-10 21:24) JohnB
The only way to get MC to work (that I have found) is to use the original SoundBlaster *and* (ugh) SoundBlaster FM settings. Selecting any other combination results in the loss of all digital audio, which is required for good gameplay - and this game with just FM music is disturbing. The problem of (supposedly) random crashing when entering the map/spell area still remains.
Magic Carpet Bug? (DosBox 0.62) (2004-11-10 01:39) Kazuya80
Works very well but on entering the map or selecting a new spell the game quits.
Is it a MC's bug or a DosBox 0.62 compatibility problem?
DOSBox 0.60 (2003-10-16 16:36) Xerxes
Note: (2003-05-16 09:34) Tamentis
Need Protected Mode

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