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X-Com Apocalypse - Microprose (1997)
Tested By: irjvik

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.74-3 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
100% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.73 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
90% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.72 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
90% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.71 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
90% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.70 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
90% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.65 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
80% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.63 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
84% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.61 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
5% (runnable)
  DOSBox version: 0.60 (runnable)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.58 (broken)

Mint 17 has broken DosBox package (2018-09-21 01:01) stop0x0000000a
X-Com3 caused a segmentation fail like explained by Charlie Sweatpants, i.e. no combat in game.
I've compiled DosBox from the source code, the game works fine now.
Crashing on Combat Under 0.74 (2017-06-23 21:45) Charlie Sweatpants
Running on Linux Mint 18.1, the game runs fine in the city map and base menus, but crashes and closes DOSBox whenever the combat screen opens. Lets the vehicles get there, let's me equip and select agents, then shows me the tactical screen for a tenth of a second, then poof.

Still got my original CD, so I ripped an ISO and installed from that. Game needs the iso mounted to open, but appears to pass the CD check and start fine. Thinking it might be checking again, I tried the mount options suggested by zncdr and Roger221, no effect. Tried messing with cycles and resolution in the .conf file, no effect. Tried mounting the CD itself instead of the ISO, but the label is long and filled with spaces (XCOM APOC V1.00 25 June 1997), and DOSBox wouldn't mount it with underscores.

Any suggestions? Loved this game as a kid (that's why I kept the disc), but I'm out of ideas at the moment.
Game Crash after intro (2012-10-16 14:40) Daedeloth
For all who use DOSBOX .74 under Windows 7.
If game crash after intro u propably use this for mount CDROM

mount d e: -t cdrom -usecd 0 -ioctrl
imgmount d "c:xcomapocxcom.mdf" -t cdrom -usecd -ioctrl

And the problem is here just use: mount d e: -t cdrom.
X-Com: Apocolypse (2012-05-21 18:16) Mousy
Having the same problem crashing after intro as mentioned earlier, but the fixes didn't work for me.
I am running DOSBOX .74 under Windows 7.
Using a batchfile to run the game as listed:
@echo off
imgmount d "c:xcomapocxcom.mdf" -t cdrom
I tried:
@echo off
imgmount d "c:xcomapocxcom.mdf" -t cdrom -usecd 0 -ioctrl
but this did not work either. Seems that the
-usecd 0 is for real cd drives not images.
I ran mount -cd and only F:, G:, H:, showed up, not D:
Any ideas out there?
First game I couldn't get to work so far out of almost 100.
installing xcom3 for windows 7 (2012-04-05 15:28) Amish
x-com apoc intsall instructions:
- need dosbox to access the cd and program
- first open dosbox
- type in the following commands
- use forward slash instead of backwards
mount c C:/
mount D F:/
mount c C:/xcoma/
mount D F:/ -t cdrom
-setup sound card soundblaster 16
mount c C:/xcoma/
mount D F:/ -t cdrom
XCom Apocalypse Steam Edition (2012-02-21 10:17) silentsanta
Just a quick note to document how I got the steam version working on my mac under OSX, to help anyone else who wants to do similar.

I bought XCom apocalypse on steam (only installs on windows).
Installed it to my windows pc.
Copied the folder from
C:Program Files(x86)SteamSteamAppscommonXcom Apocalypse

to a directory on my mac; i chose home/XCom3
Then, open a finder window, to your mac XCom3 directory.
delete dosbox.exe (the windows version)
copy the Mac dosbox application (am using 0.74) into your XCom3 directory.
Create a copy of the dosbox conf file as we're going to change it.
open up an editor for the dosbox.conf file
look for and change the following lines:

change to fullscreen=false

change to windowresolution=1066x822

change to output=opengl

save your dosbox.conf
doubleclick dosbox application in you xcom3 folder
Collector's Editions Works Great (2011-11-24 03:38) shan2752

I was trying to get the original CD-ROM edition to work in dosbox. I tried everything to no avail as I couldn't get the CD to be recognized. Then when I tried the nocd fix, the game would lock up.

I then got my hands of the Collector's Edition and it worked perfectly. No need for patch and no crashes.
Mouse freezes when still (2011-03-22 09:22) oscotty
When I have X-Com full-screened the mouse will stop responding if I don't move it for about 5 sec. Alt+Enter twice clears it up, but doing that gets old so any help fixing this problem would be appreciated.
The mouselock option doesn't seem to matter. I am running DOSBox 0.74 on Windows 7 and am using a usb mouse.
Sound and crashes in Linux (2011-02-01 21:07) zncdr
I solved all the installation, execution and sound problems with the original disk by using an image mount instead of the regular mount methods outlined here.

imgmount d ./xcom.iso -t iso -fs iso

Minimal installation, execution, music, dynamic core and auto cycles work flawlessly for me now (DOSBox 0.74 under Linux).
Crash after intro (2011-01-02 15:48) Roger221
The Game works great with version 0.74. After the intro the game executable tries to access the cd. For this it is important to mount the cd with "-t cdrom -usecd 0 -ioctrl" or it will crash after the intro. When using the "-usecd 0" param there is also no need for a nocd-patch.
Problem with 0.74 (2010-09-08 06:29) Undomion
I have installed the game, the sound is perfect, but when I play the game it crashes after de intro... I have tryed with xcom3crk and its the same, I have tryed with xcomapoc.exe skip and its the same... Is it something wrong with the 0.74 version???? can I download 0.73 version that seems to work just fine for some?

Please.... a little help here
XCOMA with ISO emulation (imgmount) (2010-06-15 22:45) AvengerXP
Save often, the game sometimes bugs and asks you to Insert the CD-ROM before a Tactical Combat even though the Image file never moves.
The easiest way to install it... (2010-01-05 21:33) Gazz
Now the absolutely easiest way to install XCOMA is... to buy it through Steam.
Costs a few € but then it comes with the proper ISO and preconfigured with DosBox 0.72.

Intro, game, sound, mouse, Alt-Tab... everything works.
Not even missing map files like in my old CD version.

Click play and... play. Almost feels like cheating. =P
Missing Maps (2010-01-05 12:17) Gazz
Note that the FAQ also has a link to 2 maps that were missing from my original CD version.
Apocalypse Music (2010-01-05 12:13) Gazz
If the music is still choppy, you can open the MUSIC file directly, like with Audacity.

Project -> Import raw data

Signed 16 bit PCM, no endianess, Stereo, 44100 Hz.

At about 2/3, the combat music is recorded at a differing sampling rate.
Mark it (it's obvious) and...

Effect -> Change Speed -> -50 %

Then you can save the whole thing as a regular soundtrack and play it any way you like.
Works fine with 0.72 (2010-01-05 11:57) Gazz
XCOMA worked very well with DB 0.72.

The only thing I needed to get the (original CD) version to run was
( see )

The actual DosBox batch file to run XCOMA was extremely basic:

mount d D:GameXCOMA -t cdrom
rem XCOMA has a very relaxed attitude towards
rem "generic" CD drives
xcomapoc.exe SKIP

XCOM3.CFG was set to "D:"
Note that the first character is not a space but hex 05.
Since some reported sound issues when toying with that file, it might be the sound card interrupt.

The sound worked better with DosBox than with the other method of emulation described in the afforementioned FAQ.
ueeeey works 100% on 0.73 (2009-07-12 14:48) miracle.flame
No need to apply or tamper anything... Installable from CD or image and runs great even past intro. No more crashes on 0.73
Runs great in 0.73 (2009-06-06 12:18) Philosifus
I never managed to make Apocalypse work in 0.72 on my Vista machine. However, the game now runs flawlessly in 0.73. I made an ISO of my original CD and mounted this one. The game required no adjustments in the .conf whatsoever. Awesome.
0.73 Update (2009-06-01 01:54) AvengerXP
Runs flawlessly, using IMGMOUNT for CD-ROM and a standard Hard Disk directory for the FULL install of the game.
Does not run on 0.72 (2008-11-01 04:55) feanor512
After the intro movie, it drops to the DOSBox prompt, regardless of how the CD is mounted.
Retail Box CD Installs/Runs on 0.72 (2008-09-22 17:52) CapnJack
I have the retail box edition of this game for DOS/Win95 and it installs and runs just fine in 0.72 DosBox. There were a few tricks to get it to install. First I set core to auto and cycles to max. When installing from the CD you must mount the CD-ROM with -noioctl argument otherwise when the installer checks your CD drive speed it will hang and the install will not proceed. Sound works just fine with SBpro2 emulation. When you are ready to play the game I had to unmount the CD drive and remount it this time with no extra arguments. Mounting with -noioctl caused the intro movie to lag and the game crashed when I tried to skip the movie. I am unsure if mounting the CD with -ioctl works but as I said mounting with no other arguments except -t cdrom seems to do the trick for actually playing the game.
found the key! (2008-07-25 18:37) Reepar
Dosbox 0.72
mount or burn cd in daemon tools, or use retail cd. If the drive was e: and install was c:xcoma
Mount commands:
mount c c:xcoma
mount d e: -t cdrom
xcomapoc skip
"skip" skips intro, remove it once you get game working
Simple directions for XP/Vista setup and play (2008-04-20 00:54) Baron Jooky
I bought and lost (to friends) Apocalypse twice, so I'm working with a downloaded ISO disk. You could mount the ISO, but many people have troubles with the CD, so I chose CD as my example. Copy all files from the CD to a dir on your HD and mount that dir as your CD-ROM. Mount your chosen default C drive with the modifier
"-freesize 1024" so Apoc will see more than 100MB for drive C during install. In Dosbox, access your cd-rom dir and run full install (200MB). After, just apply a no CD patch from megagames or whatnot and play. You may have to copy some dirs from the disc to your game dir, depending on the no CD patch you use. After, you can then delete the fake CD rom mount without issue. I've done this on XP and Vista (64-bit) and both work without fail. All that's left is some graphic/sound tweaking for your specific system.
On the Mac (2008-02-11 03:57) droopyeyes
Tried to run the game on the Mac and what happens is that when you move the mouse, too, fast the cursor looses it's focus and it flickers. So, I have to wait for the cursor to stop flickering which means it has regained it's focus. Found this very annoying. Also, when running DOS Box even version 0.71, it posts a config warning below. I hope someone could help.


DOSBox version 0.72
Copyright 2002-2007 DOSBox Team, published under GNU GPL.
CONFIG:Loading primary settings from config file /Users/user1/Library/Preferences/DOSBox Preferences
2008-02-11 11:40:22.217 DOSBox[1265:10b] Warning once: This application, or a library it uses, is using NSQuickDrawView, which has been deprecated. Apps should cease use of QuickDraw and move to Quartz.
MIDI:Can't find device:, finding default handler.
MIDI:Opened device:coreaudio
x-com apocalypse (2007-12-27 17:35) jeff_jeffty_jeff
tried running in vista, works fine in window but when try to run full screen fade effect runs really slowly. any suggestions?
One more. . . (2007-08-17 14:39) Magnus357
I also did not have to apply any sort of patch (video, mouse, crack, etc.) to get it to work. I was really surprised actually.
Another note. . . (2007-08-17 14:37) Magnus357
I forgot to say that when I burned the CD image of the game to a CD I could never get the installer to work. It would crash trying to determine the speed of my "CD-ROM". I might have been mounting my DVD-ROM burner with the wrong parameters I don't know. I suggest making an image if you have the real CD and mount with Daemon Tools.
X-COM 3 in WinXP with CD Rip Version in DosBox 0.71 (2007-08-17 14:32) Magnus357
Ok, here is how I got the X-COM: Apocalyspe CD rip version floating around on the torrent sites.
1.) DL the CD rip torrent - it's slow I'll try to seed.
2.) Install Deamon Tools and setup an emulated CD-ROM drive.
3.) Open DosBox 0.71 and mount your harddrive (minimum -freesize 750) and your virtual cd-rom drive (-t cdrom option).
4.) cd to your virtual CD-ROM drive and run install.exe.
5.) Following the install directions and setup a SOUNDBLASTER PRO 220, 7, 1 and finish the install.
6.) Go to install directory and run xcomapoc.exe.

This worked well for me. Remember you'll need to mount your virtual CD-ROM (-t cdrom) each time you want to play.
Windos VISTA (2007-08-04 15:30) xcomfan25
Has anyone tried to run dosbox with this game using VISA. I only got as far as intaling it and then I try to run it but nothing happens. anyone has any ideas what to do next?

Put it over here as well (2007-05-13 22:59) ThetaOrion

Posted Clarifications (2007-05-13 19:20) ThetaOrion
I posted a couple of clarifications in case the original disappears from here:
Try This Again, Two Separate lines (2007-05-13 19:18) ThetaOrion
Line 1 "@echo off", Line 2 "xcomapoc.exe SKIP"
Three separate entries (2007-05-13 19:17) ThetaOrion
Enter MOUNT C C:\XCOMA, Enter C:, Enter CRACK.BAT.
Be sure to make it two separate lines (2007-05-13 19:16) ThetaOrion
@echo off xcomapoc.exe SKIP
XCOM APOC ON DOSBOX 0.70 ON XP SP2 (2007-05-13 19:10) ThetaOrion
Mine was the original v1.00 X-Com Apocalypse that I purchased 10 years ago.

That CD has something on it that breaks XP so that XP cannot run it with the CD. Even if you crack the CD and try to run from th CD, it still doesn't work.

You have to run from the hard drive! And, to run from the hard drive, again, you have to crack the CD. I found no other way.

The original CD that came in the box with the game just won't AUTOPLAY or startup in PLAY or work at all on XP. It has something there that is broken when XP tries to run it. Crashes every time. The only way is to run off the hard drive. Then DOSBox works wonderfully!
PART 18 (2007-05-13 18:49) ThetaOrion
18) Hopefully, it is working for you. This is where that XCom Apocalypse manual that you purchased ten years ago should finally come in handy. Hope it worked for you too! It only took me five years to get something that worked for me. Hope it’s a lot less time for you. Realizing that the XApoc CD will never ever start up on XP was the key. You have to move on to the hard drive and work from there. Hopefully, one of the cracks will work for you.
PART 17 (2007-05-13 18:47) ThetaOrion
17) When I was done, I went in to C:\XCOMA and changed XCOM3.CFG to this:
" c:\xcoma\".

It is very important to have that little space in there. If not, no music will play. That's "c:\xcoma\" inside the XCOM3.CFG, where is the space key. I hope that it stays there for you.

Now, if you were able to follow all the instructions and apply the crack and get all the missing folders and MUSIC copied over to C:\XCOMA, it will now run from your DOSBox shortcut out of the C:\XCOMA folder just fine, and give you sound and music just fine and the mouse will be at a tolerable speed, and all will be well.

Now, you can safely delete the C:\XCOM3I folder that you had installed from as now the C:\XCOMA\XCOM3.CFG file with its space up front is now pointing to " C:\XCOMA".

You shouldn't need the C:\XCOM3I folder any more.
PART 15-16 (2007-05-13 18:46) ThetaOrion
15) You may need to run the SETUP.EXE in win95 compatability mode a bunch of times and run your DOSBOX Shortcut to XCOM3 to get the sound right in the XCOM APOCALYPSE game. I have a Soundblaster Live 24-bit card in my machine. And, like I said, I had to use SETUP.EXE and set XCOM3 to SOUNDBLASTER PRO, B220, I7, D1, in order to make it work. SB16/32AWE didn't work, although that has worked for other DOS games I installed and created DoSBox shortcuts to.

16) Again, like I said, this is what finally worked for me. The first time I have ever had XCom Apocalypse running on XP, despite years of try. It only took five years for me to finally get something that worked on XP! Hope that it doesn't take you as long.

PART 14 C (2007-05-13 18:46) ThetaOrion
I can't run "XCOMAPOC.EXE SKIP" directly from DoSBOX 0.70, but I could run that DARXCOM3.BAT batch file just fine from a DosBox shortcut, and it calls what you need and runs XCOM3 just fine for me.

In fact, I was able to run XCom Apoc from Windows Explorer just by clicking DARXCOM3.BAT, by this point in the process. Of course, the music doesn’t work and the mouse is a bit jittery. But, it runs. Run from DOSBox shortcut you created if you want the mouse stable and want it to play the music right from XP.

PART 14 B (2007-05-13 18:45) ThetaOrion
Then you can set DARXCOM3.BAT to Win95 Compatability mode, by right clicking on it and doing the Compatability tab, but it wasn't necessary, so I didn't set this one to win95 compatability.

Right Click DARXCOM3.BAT from Windows explorer, select Edit, select ALL and delete it all, and then copy the following into DARXCOM3.BAT:


@echo off

xcomapoc.exe SKIP


That's all.

Then save it. Okay, your DOSBox Xcom Apocalypse shortcut was set to run the batch file DARXCOM3.BAT, if you run that DOSBox XCOM APOCALYPSE short cut now, you should come up with a running X-Com Apocalypse. Of course, your mileage may vary, and maybe it won't work for you. But, it finally worked for me!
PART 14A (2007-05-13 18:44) ThetaOrion
14) I was unable to run XCOMAPOC.EXE SKIP from my DosBox shortcut. It gives the black screen of death.

So, I had to do one last little trick. I had to go into C:\XCOMA and create a batch file. This is where copying some other batch file comes in handy, so that the thing is set as a batch file in Windows Explorer.

Anyway, find a 'working' batch file, the old CRACK.BAT will do, rename it to
PART 13 D (2007-05-13 18:43) ThetaOrion

I ran the CRACK program in Win95 compatability mode, and it didn't give me much feedback, but I could sense errors. That crack program won't run right from Windows Explorer. That's my guess, although I didn't get to see the feedback long enough to know for sure.

So, I ran it from DOSBox.

Copy the CRACK files to C:\XCOMA.

Run the original DOSBox prompt.

Inside DOSBox type these



Run the CRACK.BAT. It should then tell you that it succeeded and that you can now run "XCOMAPOC.EXE SKIP" to get it to work. It's important to use the SKIP command, but still it won't work.

PART 13C (2007-05-13 18:43) ThetaOrion
Okay, follow the instructions in that crack you downloaded.

You must find and copy the SMK folder to C:\XCOMA. That folder is on your CD under XCOM3 folder, or over there in C:\XCOM3I that you created. You also copy the MUSIC file to C:\XCOMA. And, you either copy the MAP folder from your CD or from C:\XCOM3I. You have to get the two missing maps copied over, or it will die when it comes time to go to the alien dimension. There's more mentioned about that here:

PART 13 B (2007-05-13 18:42) ThetaOrion
I'm not even going to debate the morality of the cracks. The fact is that this method that I'm listing here won't even work for you unless you have an original CD. You have to copy and get the install from an original CD.

But, after you have installed from the original XCOM3 CD that you have purchased and own, then it still won't run in DOSBox or in WIN95 compatability or with anything until you crack the copy protection. Cracking the protection is essential to break its dependence on the CD, so you can run from the hard drive. And, even with my orginal CD in the drive, I could never get anything to recognize that CD ever again. It's an anchor that has to be gotten rid of, if you want to have any hope of running XCOM APOC on Windows XP. There's something there on the original CD that just simply kills the running of XCOM3 on XP. I have never been able to run the X-COM Apoc CD from XP, never ever.

PART 13 A (2007-05-13 18:41) ThetaOrion
13) Now, it's time to break that copy protection, as it won't run otherwise.

Select the X-Com Apocalypse v1.00 YCG - no CD. That's the one that worked. I tried the others, but they didn't work for me.

The same crack was found here as well:

PART 12B (2007-05-13 18:40) ThetaOrion

Then you want to copy the DOSBox shortcut from Windows Explorer, rename it do DoSBox X-Com Apocalypse, right click on it, Select properties, and then copy this into Target:
"C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.70\dosbox.exe" "C:\XCOMA\DARXCOM3.BAT" -fullscreen -conf "C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.70\dosbox.conf" -exit

The quotes have to be there. It won't work, yet, but now you are ready with a shortcut to run the thing in DOSBox!

Make sure you have a space before every –command and a space before every line as it all becomes one line.

PART 12A (2007-05-13 18:39) ThetaOrion
12) You have to download DOSBox 0.70 from here:

Install DOSBox 0.70 to the default directory.

I found that to get ALL of my purchased DOS games to run right under DOSBOX
0.70, I had to go into START, ALL PROGRAMS, DOSBOX 0.70, DoSBoX.conf, and edit that file so that cycles=max.

Iirc, it set cycles=auto, and that just plain makes everything stutter and lag and music choppy. BAD!

Go into dosbox.conf and make cycles=max, and save. Then all seems to be well.
This was a tip that my son taught me. And, it made all the difference between DOSBoX 0.70 being total crap to sheer perfection!

Then you want to copy the DOSBox shortcut from Windows Explorer, rename it do DoSBox X-Com Apocalypse, right click on it, Select properties, and then copy this into Target:
PART 11 (2007-05-13 18:38) ThetaOrion

This one here was an important link.

FORGET about the It never worked for me no matter what I tried, although it has a good batch file that might come in handy later.

What you need on this forum is the file. Download that one! It fixes the VGA problems so that you won't get black screen of death. Unzip it.
Follow the instructions. Copy the two patches to the appropriate folders TACEXE and UFOEXE in C:\XCOMA.

These patches won't run from DOSBox. You have to set them to Windows 95
Compatability, and run each one of them from Windows Explorer in Windows XP.
There, now your video should work, when you finally get all the rest of the stuff done.

PART 8-10 (2007-05-13 18:37) ThetaOrion
8) Now, you have the core installed in C:\XCOMA, but that is only the beginning.

9) Notice that your XCOM3.CFG file has this in it "C:\XCOM3I\". It is extremely important that the be there before the path name or you won't get music. It looks like this " C:\XCOM3I\", whenever you edit XCOM3.CFG.

10) Now you got to download goodies to fix the video and crack the CD copy protection, or you can't get it to go. I was never able to run the APOC game on XP from the XCOM3 CD that I purchased 10 years ago! It just won't work for me.

PART 6-7 (2007-05-13 18:36) ThetaOrion
6) Lots of problems here, actually. You have to guess right to get the sound right the first time, as it took me days to figure out how to run SETUP.EXE from XP. First of all, if you choose incorrectly, I was able to actually run C:\XCOMA\SETUP.EXE from Windows Explorer after I had created a PIF that set the program to run in Windows 95 Compatibility mode.

I soon found myself right clicking each XCOM3 program that I wanted to run and setting it to run in Win95 Comapability mode, using the compatability tab.

7) After I finally got XCOM3 running way down below on step 15, I actually had to go back in and set it to SOUNDBLASTER PRO, BASE 220, IRQ 7, DMA 1 -- the SB16 mode gave no sound, but I did get sound out of SOUNDBLASTER and SOUNDBLASTER PRO.

SOUNDBLASTER is mono sound, though, no stereo, so I eventually ended up going with SOUNDBLASTER PRO as my final setting. I mention that here just in case you want to select SOUNDBLASTER PRO from the start and save yourself the trouble.

PART 4-5 (2007-05-13 18:36) ThetaOrion
4) Then I installed the game from Windows Explorer. It complained about a few things but allowed me to install. I installed to the default C:\XCOMA subdirectory. I'm installing from the hard drive to the hard drive. It goes rather fast, and you don't have to worry about CD speeds or any of that.

5) I then while inside the install program, I used Setup to set the sound - SOUNDBLASTER 16/AWE, BASE 220, IRQ 7, DMA 1 -- what DOSBox defaults to. Ended up going with SOUNDBLASTER PRO, as SB16 didn't provide any sound at all.

PART 1-3 (2007-05-13 18:34) ThetaOrion

Okay, this required like about a million steps to get it right and hours of experimentation. This may not work for you, and you may have to spend hours or days trying your own experiments to find what works for you. But, this is what worked for me!!

1) I started by finding the XCom Apoc CD that I bought long ago. Mine is the original DOS and Win95 stand-alone version. I got it 10 years ago.

2) I used windows explorer to create a folder called c:\xcom3i

3) I copied the contents of my Xcom Apoc CD to this c:\xcom3i folder, and I then went into that folder from Windows XP Explorer and right clicked "INSTALL" and told it to run in Windows 95 Compatability mode.

XCOM APOC ON DOSBOX 0.70 ON XP SP2 (2007-05-13 18:32) ThetaOrion
Runnig winth DOSbox 0.65 - trouble (2006-07-25 00:47) Snike
The problem was very simple - due to unknown reasons, game was unable to see the original cd via DOSbox (and even if I mount ISO). After fixing this by the no-cd crack all runs great! :)
Runnig winth DOSbox 0.65 - trouble :( (2006-07-24 03:32) Snike
Hi to all. I trying to run Apocalypse with v0.65 and get this situation: after starting xcomapoc.exe I see a DOS4GW messages, then - blank black screen, and after a second - I in command prompt again :( I tried to disable intro (skip "parameter") and sound (via setup), but it has no effect :( Please, can anybody help to run Apocalypse?
Runs with 0.65 (2006-05-28 10:28) pv
Got the CD version running on dosbox 0.65, no patching etc. needed.

1. Burn your CD to xcom3.iso (say, to /opt/game/xcom3/xcom3.iso).

2. Then:
dosbox /opt/game/xcom3
imgmount d c:\xcom3.iso -t cdrom

3. Finally:
cd c:\xcoma

Should work like this with no patches needed.
Running with 0.65 (2006-04-07 00:45) Trehek
This is a tricky one and I didn't get it working without a fight. Reading around the Internet led me to believe that there is some weird code in the part where Apoc runs data from the CD, which doesn't work under 2k/XP.

Copying CD to a virtual path didn't work, but applying a full copy to game folder and a no-cd from the abovementioned site did the trick.

Runs smoothly at over 10 000 cycles. Sounds work but were choppy with default settings. Increasing sound buffer and prebuffer helped that (smooth at over 8192 buffer and 13 prebuffer), but going that high made the game crash for me whenever I opened the overhead city map. Hopefully performance increases with later Dosbox versions will give me working music.
DOSBox has crashed when I try to install from virtual CD (2005-11-01 07:27) server_mouse
I have created virtual CD (using Nero) by ISO-image. Then I have run DOSBox and written:
mount c c:\ ;mount target disk
mount d e:\ ;mount source disk (virtual CD)
e:\intstall ;run installation

The installation has completed for 96% and then DOSBox has crashed (just closed without any messages).

What's wrong?
Does anybody have ideas?

DOSBox has crashed when I try to install from virtual CD (2005-11-01 07:21) server_mouse
I have created virtual CD (using Nero) by ISO-image. Then I have run DOSBox and written:
mount c c:\ ;mount target disk
mount d e:\ mount source disk (virtual CD)

Bug fixes for CD Version under Windows XP/2k (2005-10-15 06:34) Nightmare
If you have any problems check this:

Bug fixes for CD Version under Windows XP/2k

Also look at the forum
Not fully supported on 0.63 (2005-08-31 08:47) Sherlock
On 2.5 GHz AMD, XP SP2, the game is playable though... _Unfortunately_ setup.exe cannot be launched from DosBox 0.63 at all (why?). _Fortunately_ it runs fine when launched just without emulation. It cannot detect the sound card but you can make right settings manually. Next save the settings, finish setup, and launch DosBox and the game itself. Pitifully, support is still not full - if you try to switch on the music within the game (Options), the game hangs :-(. At the same time, the sound is OK.
Without emulation, the game runs perfectly but with no music and no sound.
still too slow (2004-10-09 06:43) Makinus
While in the current version od DosBox (0.62) the game runs it is still too slow to be playable, and the speed problem don´t seem to change with the processor, because i tried it in a 1.8Ghz, a 1.4ghz and a 1.0ghz computer (changing the cycles until i got 95% of cpu use) and the speed in each computer loked like the same... could it be soething ith the Dos4gw version (1.97)? And how you can change the dos4gw version of the game? it doesn´t have a dos4gw file, so it must be incorporated in the game .exe, any ideas anyone?
Missing Alien Dimension maps (2004-09-30 18:49) Madarco
You can find them here:
Alien Base Maps (2004-05-09 08:21) Dan XVIII
It's because in the Rip there aren't the Alien Bases Maps. At the moment I don't remember where i saw them. Sorry.

Late game lock up (2004-05-02 05:56) bucket
I've had no trouble up till this point besides getting the CPU cycles right. Im up to the stage where im attacking the aliens in their dimension, I send through my craft, land at the structure, click on the structure, select my units, then click the raid building button(or the other one).

At this stage it brings up the Loading "Dont get hurt" screen. After that nothing, ive left it for like 10 minutes and it doesnt get to the next screen.

I'm running dos box 0.61 and the ripped version of UFO. Any ideas?
MUSIC (2004-04-11 05:18) el_guru
somebody can tell me how to play music in xcom apocalypse with cd version? is there any trick
the sound is fine and the game runs decently but still i havent be able to play the great action music xcom apocalypse has, i beg someone who knows for help, thank you in advance.
No cd-patch (2004-03-16 10:38) MagmaSheep
Just tested the game in dbox with the no-cd patch made by YCG. It worked, the game runs very well but it's way too slow to be enjoyable (even by increasing the cycles to the point where the music becomes choppy, P4 2.4ghz).
Running the game under XP W/O DOSBox (2004-03-16 09:41) MagmaSheep
I couldn't get the CD version to work on DOSBox (I'll keep trying but I keep getting some strange mscdex error, even with a no-cd patch (I tried a lot of them)). Fortunately, it is possible to run this game under XP (and probably under any other NT based OS) without DBox. Firstly, apply a no-cd patch. Secondly, download VDMSound at and run the game with these emulated sound drivers (VDMSound adds itself to the .exe context menu (right click)). The sound will be a little choppy but the game seems fully playable. Can't wait to see this with the advmame2x filter though :). Oh and I'm only copying this from a forum ( ), I did not discover this.
some more details (2004-03-06 14:42) quasarstrider
Basically it is a problem with some sort of copy protection mechanism the CD-version has. There is a TSR (at least I think it is a TSR) available on the net which disables the check, then it works fine on DOSBox.
with the patch it runs (2004-03-06 14:36) quasarstrider
The CD-version does run, but you need to apply the no-CD patch.
x-com run nice (2004-03-05 07:15) Zuljin
CD-version of this game doesn't run.
To play this game you need RIP version released by VDR (~50MB). This version run really nice on 0.61.
almost there (2004-02-08 08:31) kenji
almost the same here. using 0.61 under win2k plays intro but xcom dies before getting the main menu. tryied using an Athlon XP 1700+ and the original CD (xcom apoc 1.00 25 june 1997)

for me, dosbox did not exit. only gets back to the prompt, without further error messages

some guy posted his conf file, but did not work for me.

but I feel it's close... very close to get there ;-)
only intro (2004-02-07 17:32) OlafTheUser
On 0.61 the intro is played, then DosBox exits with "Exit to error: MSCDEX: GetDirEntry: Not an ISO 9960 CD."
Crash (2003-10-16 04:26) Huyderman
In 0.60, it runs the opening movie, but then quit to prompt.

Game directory (browsing from X)
Game: Year:   Version:   Status: runnable - playable - supported
X Rock 1990   0.63   supported 80% (supported)
X-Com 1/UFO: Enemy Unknown 1994   0.70   supported 100% (supported)
X-Com 2: Terror From The Deep 1995   0.73   supported 100% (supported)
X-Com Apocalypse 1997   0.74-3   supported 100% (supported)
X-COM1 1994   0.74-3   supported 100% (supported)
X-Mas Lemmings '91 1991   0.73   supported 100% (supported)
X-Mas Lemmings '92 1992   0.72   supported 95% (supported)
X-Men 2: The Fall of The Mutants 1989   0.61   supported 100% (supported)
X-Men Children of the Atom 1997   0.74-3   supported 100% (supported)
X-Men: Madness in Murderworld 1989   0.74-3   supported 100% (supported)
X-Wing 1992   0.72   supported 100% (supported)
X-Wing CD-Rom 1994   0.73   supported 100% (supported)
Xargon 1993   0.74-3   supported 80% (supported)
Xatax 1992   0.70   supported 100% (supported)
xcom 1995   0.74-3   supported 100% (supported)
Xenoball 1995   0.63   supported 77% (supported)
Xenobots 1993   0.74-3   supported 80% (supported)
Xenocide 1989   0.63   supported 80% (supported)
Xenomorph 1990   0.63   supported 80% (supported)
Xenon 1988   0.58   supported 80% (supported)
Xenon 2 - Megablast 1989   0.73   supported 100% (supported)
Xenophage 1996   0.61   supported 90% (supported)
Xenopods 1993   0.63   supported 80% (supported)
Xerix 1992   0.74-3   supported 100% (supported)
XGS-DOS 1998   0.70   supported 100% (supported)
xiayingji 1992   0.62   supported 95% (supported)
Xiphos 1990   0.70   supported 91% (supported)
Xixit 1995   0.74-3   supported 80% (supported)
Xonix 1984   0.58   supported 100% (supported)
XQuest 2 1996   0.58   supported 80% (supported)
XTREE GOLD 1990   0.74-3   supported 100% (supported)
XTron 1991   0.63   supported 80% (supported)

Compatibility statistics (3930 games in database)
Version: Games broken: Games runnable: Games playable: Games supported:
DOSBox 0.74-3 (1256) 16 (1.27%) 34 (2.71%) 48 (3.82%) 1158 (92.20%)
DOSBox 0.73 (644) 16 (2.48%) 23 (3.57%) 17 (2.64%) 588 (91.30%)
DOSBox 0.72 (722) 45 (6.23%) 24 (3.32%) 31 (4.29%) 622 (86.15%)
DOSBox 0.71 (164) 29 (17.68%) 12 (7.32%) 8 (4.88%) 115 (70.12%)
DOSBox 0.70 (952) 23 (2.42%) 17 (1.79%) 29 (3.05%) 883 (92.75%)
DOSBox 0.65 (727) 39 (5.36%) 30 (4.13%) 41 (5.64%) 617 (84.87%)
DOSBox 0.63 (918) 76 (8.28%) 45 (4.90%) 46 (5.01%) 751 (81.81%)
DOSBox 0.62 (394) 56 (14.21%) 24 (6.09%) 27 (6.85%) 287 (72.84%)
DOSBox 0.61 (998) 87 (8.72%) 59 (5.91%) 68 (6.81%) 784 (78.56%)
DOSBox 0.60 (774) 108 (13.95%) 73 (9.43%) 72 (9.30%) 521 (67.31%)
DOSBox 0.58 (1149) 266 (23.15%) 15 (1.31%) 20 (1.74%) 848 (73.80%)

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