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Syndicate Wars - Bullfrog (1997)
Tested By: neostarke

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
95% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.70 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
90% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.65 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
75% (supported)
  DOSBox version: 0.60 (supported)

runnable  -  playable  -  supported
0% supported
  DOSBox version: 0.58 (broken)

Actually, not that great... (2019-03-17 02:13) as2003
Not sure what I changed, but it doesn't run very well any more. It's also pretty intermittent. Sometimes it runs ok, sometimes it's so bad it's unplayable. The keyboard mapping is usually wrong, but occasionally it is fine.

I've now downloaded VirtualBox and FreeDOS 1.2, and install Syndicate Wars on that, and it runs very consistently, if a little too fast.

The audio is still a little glitchy but at least the keyboard mapping just works out of the box.
Works really well (2019-03-05 07:00) as2003
It's 2019 and I'm running Syndicate Wars on DOSBox 0.74 on a Dell XPS 15 9560 (without the GTX 1050 enabled)

It took a little tweaking but but it's running really well in "hi-res" mode (640x480)

The key settings (~/.dosbox/dosbox-0.74.conf) are:

fullresolution=3440x1440 # my native resolution
windowresolution=3440x1440 # my native resolution
output=openglnb # everything else was laggy


Everthing else I just left as the default.

Only problem now is the keyboard mapping...
mistake (2013-05-05 03:15) JustCommenting
Sorry for the spam. I just noticed that after posting some special characters were cut off.
The two lines are:
Game -> Mount e c\:games\swars (for example)
CD tracks -> IMGMOUNT f c:\games\swars\tracks -t cdrom -fs iso (for example)

...and I hope that will be posted correct now.
Installing, music and cycles (part 2) (2013-05-05 03:09) JustCommenting
Mount the game and the CD music path:
Game -> Mount e c:gamesswars (for example)
CD tracks -> IMGMOUNT f c:gamesswarstracks -t cdrom -fs iso (for example)

The config.ini inside your SyndicateWars install folder has the data which path (instead of e) if your game's path and which path is your cd drive's path. Just open it with a text editor like notepad.
@main /w /g
to start the game. Should run with sound & music.

Recommended settings for dosbox.conf:

-> 18.000 out of missions for the interface build-up with right speed and before mission start hit ctrl+F12 to increase as well as ctrl+F11 after each mission so that the interface isn't uber-fast.
Use alt + enter for fullscreen / windowed mode.
Installing, music and cycles (part 1) (2013-05-05 03:08) JustCommenting
Sound = SBlaster 16/Awe32 + autodetect
Music = SBlaster or 100% compatible + autodetect

Getting/converting music files:
-use Audiograbber to get the CD's music files or download the mp3's ( and convert them with a program like audacity.
Important: must be 44.1 khz, 16bit, uncompressed, stereo .wav files.

Adding audio:
-create a .bin (important that it's not an iso !) file of your CD data with a CD burning software, like ImgBurn ("Create image file from files/folders" option).
-put the .cue and the 3 .wav files along with the .bin file in the same folder
Command??? (2011-03-11 23:40) assaholic
Ok so just after I pass the first mission the game goes back into the CMD interface, like it just boots me out of the game or something.
Im running the 37MB (no music) ISO version on DOSBOX .72
install under window7 (2011-02-22 02:13) dragonegg
I met the same problem cannot create directory, while I try to install the game under D:.

It can be solved by mounting D: path after mounting c:.
Install probs (2008-05-04 07:15) Kadaver
Although some of you reported speed issues, atleast you got your game installed. My prob is that I can't install the game at all. Any attempts to dclick on the install file will start the process and end it instantly. Only if I mount my iso with daemon tools and in turn mount my virtual SW cd in dosbox and type install.bat will it work. But after configuring the sound, language and full install, and then choosing my install directory it says cannot create directory. Anyone who can help with this? Or know of any alternate ways of istalling it?
Video glitch in menu system (2008-01-14 04:20) spindoc
Using v0.72. All performance issues seem to have been fixed since the last time I tried SW. Maybe boosting memory to 2GB made the difference...maybe the new version; don't know.

The pictures within the menu system are screwed. It seems like the game tries to draw them forever since it makes the noise of the tracer drawing something on the screen. Hard to describe exactly in words but basically any and all pictures in the R&D section, weapons section and cryogenics section are messed.
Dosbox: 0.72 , too Fast too Slow??? (2007-10-31 03:21) R!CK
I'm new to dos box so my problem i might be a case of the stupids on my behalf. But if anyone can point me in the right direction i'll be greatfull.

Before reading the posts i just ran the game with dos box0.72's defalt settings, auto cycels etc... The game ran too fast(not in a good way) even in hi res. I've tryed the tweeks Mangrove & gigawing2 have sugested and they make the menus run lovely but the game is now to slow. I'm not sure how to get it running nicely?
Fast Hi-Res works! Dosbox 0.65 (2007-02-16 08:30) gigawing2
Mangrove was right, this game runs extremely fast, even in high-res mode (640x480).

On an Athlon 4200, I came up with these further tweaks. Fastest mode seems to be: output=ddraw. Menus work great at cycles=17500. I set cycleup/down=10000 so I can dial in the cycles to a precise 70-80k rather than Mangrove's 110k. Setting cycles too high (>120k) causes sound glitches during the mission. To fix sound glitches in the menu, try these: oplmode=cms, oplrate=44100

Finally, for scaling, try fullresolution=1280x960 and scaler=(any 2x mode). I am so glad this game works :)
Final solution (2006-11-29 03:56) ObiKenobi_1
DOS32A cpu=dynamic
at 17k cycles it's just lovely. no frameskip!
only lo-res though
Some minor problems (2006-11-28 16:38) ObiKenobi_1
DosBox 0.65 here.. game runs smooth at relatively high cycles(14k+) on my pc (Xp 2000+ 1,6 gig- 1Gig Ram) but :
if the game is fast - sound is skipping
if sound isn't skipping - the game is a bit slower than normal

nothing to complain about i think..

obviously don't even try hi-res
mantrue advise (2006-08-05 13:54) james_ensor
mantrue made a good coment here. I tried to emulate with his configurations and the game works fine (except some glitches in the sound)

Just edit the with a text editor with his lines and the game works very nice :D

Any advise on the sound issues guys???? The glitching thing? Regardments all :)
0.63 (2006-06-21 14:11) Mangrove
On an athlon 64 3200, 1024 ddr ram

was having problems with it running too slow initially. This is before I really cranked up the emulation speed. I find it runs the menus etc fine on 20,000 cycles. In the levels I bump it up to 110,000. So my cycle up takes it to 110k and cycle down back to 20k, so I don't have to mess around.

The settings I changed from default are:

Dosbox: 0.63 (2006-03-19 14:07) Freak3
The installer works very well, however the game itself runs very slow on an athlon 3200+/768 mb ram.
I can't get this to run at all (2005-06-01 04:29) negativeions
I ran DOSbox then ran the install.bat file off of the Cd to install the game. When it finished I typed play [Enter] and DOSbox keeps giving me a messege: "Illegal Command: DOS4GW" ... wtf? Am I supposed to install the game using the installer? Because as far as I can see it doesn't copy dos4gw from the CD into the install directory and it doesn't try to get it from the CD either. ALso half the files on the CD aren't in the install directory and I DID do a FULL install. I don't know WTF is going on...
0.63 Dynamic, 35000 cycles + DOS/32A replacing DOS4GW (2005-03-07 17:45) red_avatar
Last time I tried Syndicate Wars, I wasn't able to go over 15000 cycles without the sound chopping up. Now, with 0.63 + dynamic mode + DOS32A I can really bring up the cycles without the sound messing up. It's very playable - pretty damn fluent to be honest. I get about 30fps and it's perfectly playable. For people who don't have decent CPUs: try lowering the detail in-game.
0.63 (2005-03-07 15:18) bojster
It runs terribly slow, no matter how many cycles I set. In dosemu, on the other hand, it runs far too fast. In both cases it's unplayable. Please, pretty please, do something about it...
0.63 (2004-11-30 10:48) Mephisto1982
havent played this on any previous version, so i dont know if anything improved with 0.63, but it works perfectly so far (no installation or gameplay problems yet), but its a bit slow. i have dosbox on 30.000 cycles with the dynamic core (athlon 2600+) and it runs playable but laggy.
DosBox V. 0.61 (2004-06-28 09:38) Nagash
Works Good. But Very Slow (Athlon 2000+; GeForce 4 Ti).
DOSBox 0.61 (2004-03-04 03:31) Tiramon
Is working fine with Athlon 2400+
when i push up the cpu cycles to somthing above 6k

it just ignores most of the time the doubleclicks to let the people run
DOSBox 0.61 (2004-02-23 07:20) Warrax
Works fine but TOO slow (Pentium 4 @ 1600MHz /w GF2MX)
DosBox 0.60 (2003-10-25 05:02) Xerxes
Works, but VERY slow (Athlon 2800+ :))

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